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The Knightfall Symbol

Status: Inactive
Location: Streator, IL
Last Wiki Update: 10/12/15



  • Place: Practices typically took place at Marilla Park in Streator.
  • Time and Day: Check Facebook page for up-to-date practice information.
  • Requirements: no special requirements


  • Members: ~10
  • Typical # at practice: 4-8
  • Units Represented


In the summer of 2004, Ryan Mills, Trybal, returned to Streator after spending some time as a student at Illinois State University. While at ISU, he had stumbled upon Wolfpack of the High Plains, and became involved in Belegarth. Upon his return home, he decided he wanted to bring the sport with him, so he and two of his close friends, Jason Chalkey (D'Noc) and Jake Maholic (Drin), constructed enough weapons and garb to get them by, and started fighting in a nearby park. Not long after, they attracted several friends and community members, and Knightfall was born. Over the next two years, the realm flourished, peaking at about 30 members, consisting primarily of high school students from the local community. In 2007, realm leadership began to shift as the original Triad, as they were called then, began to assume more preeminent duties in their day to day lives. With their resignation, leadership responsibilities fell to the next highest ranking members. A group of dedicated core members was still keeping the group alive, fighting the good fight. 14APr2014


Current Members

Previous/Inactive Members

A note from the Warlord

Knightfall is making a huge push to travel and host visitors this season. We're looking to film promotional footage which could be used for cross-promotional purposes. If you're looking for support or a realm to visit, contact us via Facebook or at

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