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  • Mundane Name: Nathan
  • Fighting Name: Raven
  • Race:
  • Fighting Since:
  • Weapons of Choice:



Raven is a senior member of the Knightfall Realm, and joined shortly after Rissen and Ivelious. He is greatly underestimated in battle and tends to be sought out as a 'weak link' to be taken out. This act is perpetrated by a choice few members who feel they are superior and act as if they have Mage Armor cast during battles.

Raven was greatly inspired by the plagues which ravaged much of the population during his early life. His battle name originated as a reference to the birds which gathered about the dead and dying bodies that lie strewn across the streets. He decided early on that he would continue this awe-inspiring and beautiful work that the Red Death and other such pestilence wrought upon the land. He has wielded numerous weapons, and for a long time preferred using a Zweihaender. Finding it unwieldy in battle, he attempted using a longsword and shield. It didn't please him- it lured him into a defensive state though he was driven to be on the offensive. Ultimately, he has chosen a florentine style- using a longsword in his primary hand and a short sword in the offhand. This allows him to be on a constant, swift offensive, while still having a defensive option available.

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