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BftR 2018 during field battles.

Fighting Name: Apprentice Kib

Mundane Name: Talon Young

Started Fighting: July 2015

Realm Started in: Sunspear

Current Realm: Sunspear

Fighting Style: High crossing pinkys, Throwing stuff at People's heads

Current Units: Forsaken

Date Joined Current Unit: January 2018

Former Unit: Darastrix Okarthel (Disbanded, Became a house.)

Houses: House White Lotus, Dragon Home, House Blep, House Little Smokies, Cult of Hydration, HGC, House Hippocrates, House Comrad, The Silver Host

Race:Awoken Kobold (Red/Orange Droog)

Kobold Titles: The bringer of hydration, The House Bear, Breaker of Order, Seeker of Lore, Yeller in Yellow, The Voidfallen, The Blesser of Many, The Dead, The Soft, The Speaker of Tuths, Checker of Vibes

Interesting Facts: Currently the tallest Kobold Droog as confirmed by Mekoot Silo, Temporarily possessed a shard of the black mirror. Sir Round'Ded of The Knights of Wildwood

Battle for the Ring 2017
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