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The Iron Crab is a ship over a century ahead of it's time. It was a test-ship of war secretly being built by the British Empire. It had three rows of cannons (including those on deck) for overwhelming power, steam propulsion for quick maneuvering, and was clad in iron for the ultimate defense.

Pirate History

During one of its tests, however, it was commandeered by Hans Ahlberg along with many other rogue pirates. Out of the sixty or so on the four ships that came to seize it, only smaller than a handful survived. All the pirate captains were killed in the commandeering and a captain for the new ship was needed. Ahlberg was the first to board the military ship and was also the one who killed the captain. Not only that, he fought with a sense of honor, something unknown to pirates, and protected as many pirates as he could during the fighting. It was these traits paired with this event that named Hans Ahlberg the captain of the newly found Dread Pirates.

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