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Fighting Name: Captain Hans Ahlberg

Mundane Name: Jon Jasionowski

Realms: Reilltoch & Dunharrow

Unit: The Dread Pirates

Weapon Styles: Sword and Board, Class 2 Weapon & SwashBuckler

Fighting Since: Winter 2007

The Captain

Captain Hans Ahlberg was born in an unknown port town in the mid 17th century. His father, a former soldier, fled from Germany to escape the Thirty Years' War. His mother was of British origins and was a pseudo-apprentice blacksmith under the teachings of her father. It is unknown how the two met, however, it is known that they grew attached to each other very quickly.

As the chaos in the lands heightened, so did the uncertainty in peoples' hearts. When Ahlberg's grandfather died (before his birth), his parents joined a crew promising eternal wealth and freedom. A great dream for many to have, but the upper-class called these people something else. Pirates.

After Ahlberg was born, he was trained in battle by his father and blacksmithing by his mother, when he was old enough. His parents didn't keep their pirate identities secret from Ahlberg, however, they did try to give him an honest life. And so they did, carrying on the blacksmithing business. But then came a day when Ahlberg turned 10 and prices for rope heightened. A gloomy birthday and a pirate hunt. British soldiers raided many ports and arrested all accused of pirating. Those who resisted, like his father, were shot on sight. Those who held onto to life, like his mother, were spared until the hanging in front of their families and friends.

Hans Ahlberg managed to escape that terrible day, along with a crew of the lucky pirates. He then vowed to take revenge on the British Empire and would do so under his parents' identities. That of a pirate!

Now he sails the seas with his stolen military test-ship, the Iron Crab, a ship clad in iron and propelled by steam. As the captain of the Dread Pirates, he sails the seas searching for any British military and, well, anything else that may fancy his desires.

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