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The Chumptionary was created by many patrons from western Belegarth, along with many from Iowa during Chaos Wars 10. It was created to encompass the many uses and versatility of the word and phrase 'chump'. It isn't meant to be taken seriously, and is mostly light hearted... Unless you are in fact, a chump.

The Chumptionary

  • 0
4 Chumps; 4 Man Tourney
10 Chumps; 10 Man Tourney
  • A
Arnold Chumpenegger
Applechump's Baby-back Chumps with Chump Sauce
  • B
Battle Chump; Battle Christ
B.Chump Lounge; B.K. Lounge
Big Chump; Big Bird
Bischump; Bishop
Black Chump; Black Cat
Beta Chumptine
  • C
Captain Chump with Chump Berries; Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries
Chump; N. The word which all pathetic peoples are; adj; The word by which all pathetic peoples are described.
Chump Angels; Dark Angels
Chump Beard; Forkbeard
Chump Bird; Big Bird
Chumpcon; Gencon
Chump Chumpsford; Par Ohmsford
Chump Squad; God Squad
Chump’s Blood; Falcon's Blood
Chumpa Lumpa; Oompa Loompa
Chumpa-kai; Uruk-hai
Chumpalupagus; Snufflapugus
Chumpaos Guard; Chaos Guard
Chumpazi; Kazi
Chumpdar; Bhakdar
Chumpdric; Cedric
Chumper Jaw; Jabber Jaw
Chumperhood of the Falcon; BOF
Chumpgos; Kargos
Chumphil, or V-Chump; V-Hil
Chumpkis; Ikis
Chumplestiltskin; Rumplestitskin
Chumplock; Gorlock
Chumpmar or Fatmat, Fagmar; Dagmar
Chumpnemir; Latnemir
Chump Norris; Chuck Norris
Chumpo; Shino
Chumpokabras; Chupokabras
Chumpowa; Iowa
Chump-phex; Aphex
Chumpraham Lincoln; the 16th President of the United States
Chumpreal; Azreal
Chumprimar; Ralimar
Chump Hammmer; Hell Hammer
Chumproll; Troll
Chumprose; Elerosse
Chumpscar the Grouch; Oscar the Grouch
Chumpsickle; Popsickle
Chumptastic; (adj)
Chumptain; Etain
Chumptan; Itan
Chumptaro; Shintaro
Chumpten; Peten
Chumpthut; Plithut
Chumptionary; Chump Dictionary
Chumptimus Prime; Optimus Prime
Chump-opp; Dopp
Chumptorious B.I.G.; Notorious B.I.G
Chumpvester Stallone; Sylvester Stallone
Chumpy Balboa; Rocky Balboa
Chumpty Dumpty; Humpty Dumpty
Chumpwraith; Elwrath
Chumpy and the Pussy Chumps; Josey and the Pussy Cats
Chumpylon; Babylon
Chumpzilla; Godzilla
Chumpzok; Rudzock
Chump Wars; Chaos Wars
Clyde Chumpsler; Clyde Drexler
Count Chumpula; Count Chocula
  • D
D-chump; Dopp
Dallas Cowchumps;
Dark Chumps; Dark Guard
Deceptichumps; Decepticon
Donald Chump; Donald Trump
Dura-chumps; Dura-kai
Dur-chumperon; Dur-Demerion
  • E
Elite Chump Falcons; EBF
Elechump; Elerose
Equichumpx; Equinox
  • F
Forrest Chump; Forrest Gump
Frankenchump with Chump Berries
Frosted Lucky Chumps
  • G
George Chumpington; First President of the United States
Gorchump; Gorlock
  • H
Humpty Chumpty; Humpty Dumpty
  • I
Idachump; Idaho
  • J
Johnny Chumpo; Johnny Chimpo
Josey and the Chumpy Cats; Josey and the Pussy Cats
  • K
K-chump; Kabur
Kermit the Chump; Kermit the Frog
King Chumpard the III
  • L
Lachumptis; Loquitis
Latnechumps; Latnemir
Lord Chumpyx; Lord Onyx
Lord of the Chumps; Lord of the Rings
  • M
Marchump; Marduk
Megachump; Megatron
Micheal Chumpson and the Chumpson Five; Micheal Jackson and the Jackson Five
  • N
Nan Belechumps; Nan Belegorn
Nan Chumpergorn; Nan Belegorn
Notorious B.I. Chump; Notorious B.I.G
  • O
Orrechump; Orren
Oscar the Chump; Oscar the Grouch
  • P
Par Chumpsford; Par Ohmsford
  • Q
Queen Chumpabeth II
  • R
Ralichump; Ralimar
Return of the Chump; Return of the King / Return of the Jedi
  • S
Snow Chump and the Seven Chumps; Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
Snuffelupachump; Snuffelupagus
  • T
T-chump; Troll
Toys R' Chumps
The Chumpinator; The Terminator
The Chump Towers; The Two Towers
  • U
  • V
V’chump; V-Hil
Vo'chump; Vokor
  • W
Willy Chumpka and the Chumplate Factory
  • X
Xoochump; Xooyan
  • Y
Yachumpoo; Yaktoo
  • Z
Zachump; Zaedric
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