Chaos Wars 19

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Chaos Wars XIX


This year was hosted by Huma at Indian Springs Resort & RV in American Falls, Idaho from July 20th-July 26th, 2015.
Attendance: just over 325 people attending!

Awards for the Week (Help filling these in would be very much appreciated.)

1st place: EBF
2nd place: Uruk-Hai
3rd place: Horde

Realm & Unit Cloaks

  • Unit Cloak - EBF
  • Realm Cloak - White Beards, completely made up realm by Frosty

Chaos Plate



The Elite Blood Falcons secured their second Chaos Wars Triple Crown victory at Chaos Wars by capturing the Champions Tournament Belt, Unit Cloak and Chaos Banner.

Please feel free to add any others that I forgot. Thanks.


  • Goblin Night -
  • Chili Cookoff - Black Betty
  • Bardic Night -

Sure there are others; help

Other Events:

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