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Quick Facts

Bite ya leg off!
Drawn Quinn, by Raxis
  • Fighter Name - Quinn (the Gnoll), a.k.a. Fangomas Gnarlhyde a.k.a. Sir Squire Squeer Captain Commander Comander Quinn the Ungrateful, Esq.
  • Common Name - Quinn Reynard
  • Character Summary - Gnarlhyde is a striped gnoll hailing from the Ash Coast. She prefers the company of other gnolls and hyenas, but will travel and work with other monsters when it supports her long-term goals (see below).
  • Race - Striped Gnoll
  • Gnoll Clan Affiliation - Clan of the Blind Star
  • Started Fighting - March 28th, 2014
  • Current Location - Southern California
  • Realm - Masyaf, Andúril, and other SoCal realms
  • Unit - Horde, Awoken Battle For The Ring VIII (2016), Year of Pain; Made Commander at BftR X (2018), Year of Blood
  • House - Valkyries
  • Fighting Style - Red weapons of Every Shape and Size (glaive, min-red, great sword, etc)
  • Notable "Accomplishments" - Winner of the Alpha-Omega Tournament, Chaos Wars XIX; Injured Knee By Walking at WoW IV (thanks, body); mentioned / photographed in an OC Register Article about Belegarth, Completed Prana'Kai of Blood with Ku @ War of Wrath V (2016), 4-Man Team Champion (w/ Team Fast Food: Q3 Stronghold Potluck, 2017), Winner: "Best Character" @ BftR X, Earned title of fangomas (gnoll lore keeper) at Chaos Wars XXIII (2019).
  • Events Attended -


  • Battle For Blackwater I (Maybe? It was on my calendar but I honestly don't remember going, lol.)


  • Battle for the Ring VII a.k.a. BFTR VII, The Battle of Andor a.k.a. TBA VII, Anduril Spring Finale IV: Uprising of Weathertop, Sword Coast V, Chaos Wars XIX, War of Wrath a.k.a. WoW IV, Harvest Massacre VI, Battle For Blackwater, a.k.a. BBW II


  • BftR VIII, Raid of Skyreach, TBA VIII, Fool's Raid: Phoenix Rising (2016), Sword Coast VI, Chaos Wars XX, WoW V, Okfest 2016 (aka Floodfest), BBW III


  • BftR IX, Raid of Sunspear I, Sword Knight Boot Camp: CA Edition, Phoenix Rising IV, TBA IX, Beltane 2017, Silica Vale VIII, Spring Finale VI, War of Forbidding XIII, Raid of Sword Coast, Chaos Wars XXI, War of Wrath VI, Okfest 2017, BBW IV (Legend of Bichyoo Gesstit)


  • BftR X, Raid of Masyaf, Raid of Sunspear (II?), TBA X, Western Wars 15, Chaos Wars XXII, Okfest, BBW V


  • BftR XI, Chaos Wars XXIII

Quotes / Fun Facts

  • "Bite ya leg off!"
  • If you hear raucous laughter, Quinn is likely not far off.
  • Host of "10 Rounds w/ Quinn," the foam fighting talk show.

Summarized Personal Lore

After being exiled from her clan for personal and political reasons (she was shunned for taking a non-gnoll mate, and was seen as too much of a threat by the existing leadership for showing signs of Ankha's call), she was nomadic for many years. She survived mostly on mercenary work, as thieving was beyond her skill-set and no tradesman or artisan would take her as an apprentice. Over time, she grew in strength and knowledge, eventually joining the, "Horde of 1000 Faces." Though she originally had misgivings about joining any group after being a nomad for so long, she eventually made peace with the idea. She figured it would be an excellent opportunity to raid, pillage, and kill, just like in her old clan days. She was right.

After about one Horde Year, she was well and truly called by her patron goddess, Ankha. She initially assumed Ankha would not accept her because of her former clan's rejection of her partner, but this fear was unfounded. After performing the ritual of the gnarled root (and solidifying her bond with Ankha), she was given her clan name of, "Gnarlhyde." The name was derived from both the gnarled root, and her apprehension about joining the Clan of the Blind Star (hence, "hyde"). Joining the clan had two profound effects on Gnarlhyde: it brought her intimately close with her patron goddess, thereby granting her immense knowledge and awakening her magical ability, and also drove her just a little bit mad. Over the years, this has manifested as occasionally erratic behavior, use of the "gnarled root," / hallucinogens, and a deep-seeded desire to scheme, bordering on paranoia (e.g. to have a back-up plan for her back-up plan).

Since then, Gnarlhyde has helped welcome other gnolls into the Clan of the Blind Star. Though the clan's power structure is diffuse by design (all are touched by Ankha, and all work to preserve and grow gnoll strength in preparation for the end times), Gnarlhyde is often referred to as the, "den mother," because of her age and experience. This serves as her driving motivation: to fulfill Ankha's vision of destruction through any means necessary. This also causes her to travel often, so as to provide aid whenever possible to other gnolls (except to Clan Guttermaw, who reject Ankha in favor of Marjack, filthy heretics). As such, she is often looking for work and opportunities for additional income. This includes, but is not limited to, working with the Horde to both earn gold and increase gnoll prestige.

Gnarlhyde is unusually intelligent and patient for a gnoll, though she often hides it to take advantage of other's assumptions about her race. She also has a strong tendency to hide her sex, either through thick fur or loose clothing, as a means to deter unwanted attention. Gnarlhyde has an deep hatred for bugbears, and will take any opportunity to back-stab, betray, or kill one. Gnarlhyde's disdain for bugbears is only surpassed by her seething hatred for Marjack. Though she knows she is not strong enough to fight a god, she takes every reasonable opportunity to profane against him.

More Lore

Though Quinn is kept quite busy by her professional pursuits, she still finds time to write lore. A repository of said lore can be seen here.

YouTube Channel

If you are desperate for some high-res but low quality fighting videos, look no further than my YouTube channel, here.

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