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Brother Maynard

Brother Maynard first swung a padded sword in 2005, in Dagorhir Aratari territory in Maryland where he grew up. Back then he had no name. Moving on to college in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he learned much from the Spartans and Pirates of Dagorhir's Angaron. Following college, he moved to California in 2011 and found the great people of Mallenorod who would one day join Norcalia. "Brother Maynard" truly came to be in California, when Kyrax forced him to come up with something before joining the (now defunct) "Golden Guard". They, along with Janech (formerly "Fugook") and Leo Bladebreaker, are the founding members of the Brotherhood of Mithras, a unit with a mission to encourage and historical kits and personas. Relocating once in Summer 2016 to Idaho Falls, Idaho Brother Maynard attended his first Chaos Wars where he met "that other guy who dresses like you with the thing on his head (a coif)", Sir Rem DeLavan (who was also wearing green that day) and joined the people of Ebonhold. His latest (and final) relocation is to Smithsburg, MD where in mundane life he has bought a little farmette property upon which he commits various acts of farm maintenance, vegetable gardening, and other homesteading-related skills with his family.

Based on illustrations in the Maciejowski Bible, a resource dated to approximately 1250 AD, Brother Maynard is a French Catholic cleric and warrior. Armed with bow and arrow, sword and shield, a love of learning, and a taste for fine food and drink he wanders the world seeking to fight evil in its many forms, develop fast friendships, and spread goodwill and knowledge.

He FINALLY joined the Artificer Guild in January 2018 after threatening to do so since Chaos Wars 20 in 2016. He was apprenticed to Sir Rem DeLavan and specializes in historical cooking/baking. His "secondary" interests include hand tool woodworking, sewing period garb, laser cutting things like event tokens with Almace (his trusty laser cutter), and Western calligraphy (particularly blackletter hands). In 2022 he was invited to join the Artificer Guild council as a mentor to take on apprentices of his own and further #buildtheguilds.

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