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Sir Rem DeLavan

Sir Rem De Lavan
The French Tickler

Past Evincar of Rath in 2014 and 2015.

Rem DeLavan began fighting in the summer of 2011 in the realm of Rath. He quickly became infatuated with spears and spearing. Over the following two years, he rarely picked up any other weapon and made a name of himself on the field as a primary spearman. Names like, "That guy in grey. With the spear."

in 2012, Rem became a pledge to Brotherhood of The Falcon at Manetherin. Later that year at Teutoburg Wald, Rem became a Brother.

In 2013 at Armegeddon, Rem took on the white, and became a squire to Sir Kaegan. In that same year he became the elected leader of Rath.

In 2016, Rem DeLavan was knighted at Chaos Wars 21 in the field of battle. It was a lovely ceremony where he learnt of his lot in life and became a knight.

He is also inducted into the order of the Knights of the Highlands of Chaos as its 23rd member.

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