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Fighter name: Wisp

AKA: Dark Destroyer (Sadly, no one calls him that T^T )

Mundane name: William Lee

Species: Undead

Subspecies: Wraith

Active since: 2018

Realm: Andúril

Unit: None

Fighting style: Florentine



Wisp was once a poor farmer boy born to the estate of a greedy lord. The village was happy nonetheless, but one winter, when all the crops failed and the lord feasted away in his manor, Wisp and a few of his friends decided to steal some grain for the village. The lord was cunning, however, and caught every one of them. His friends were all executed on the spot, and as an example to the rest of the village, Wisp was led deep into the forest and left to hang from a tall tree. Before long, bugs infested his skin, birds feasted on his innards, and all the while fox cubs below made playthings of his bones. Sometimes, living is more cruel than dying...

Eventually, the screaming stopped.

Wisp never died though.

At least, not completely...


Most nights, Wisp only manifests as a small mote of ghostly light, visible only to those who wander too far off the beaten path. However, those who are unfortunate enough to come across him when he's hungry very likely won't see him at all. If they do they'll take note of a striking hooded figure, dressed in dark blues and blacks, stolen from his victims to blend in with the night. The only clearly visible part of him is the faint blue glow of his empty eyes and mouth full of fangs, peeking out from just beneath his tattered cloak.

Undeath can be boring though, so during the day, Wisp likes to disguise himself as a human and haunt attend the local university as a student. People who spot him in his undead form calls him "fleshgait", "ghost", or "poltergeist". He wears colored contacts for his eyes, foundation for his face, a jacket for his skin, and perfume to cover the distinct scent of rotting flesh.

His family could never afford school, and in his curious ventures, he learned to handle swords by watching a fighter in shades, studying a group of deadly knights charge across the battlefield, and a land-dwelling fish who was the unsuspecting owner of the local tavern. Undeath, in a way, allowed him to experience more in life than he ever could've otherwise.

He "lives" happily, so long as he doesn't accidentally walk through any walls!


"According to legend, Wisps in the forest can be either benign or malevolent. They'll either lead you off the path to be consumed by the forest, or they'll lead you to great treasure. I wonder where the treasure comes from?"

Wisp's shy, awkward demeanor belies a fiery trickster beneath, with a will strong enough to defy death. His lost soul lingers in our world out of vengeance and spite. But also, recently he finds new reasons to linger on the mortal coil, not least of all his discovery in a warrior's honorable lifestyle. On account of moonlighting as a flesh-eating abomination though, he prefers to keep to himself, but won't turn down new acquaintances when the opportunity presents itself. This reservation carries onto his hunting habits, as Wisp prefers to stalk and ambush his prey rather than engage them head on. As an undead, he subsists on soul energy, usually human. However, any sentient being or powerful enough monster will suffice. Easy targets are those who wander into the woods distracted, or the wounded who linger on the edges of the battlefield, maybe the odd archer that fails to watch their back. Because of his unfinished business, Wisp's favorite targets are the wealthy. Unlike with other targets, Wisp will actively leave the forest to hunt these targets once they are identified. To dissuade his pursuit, offerings to the forest have to be made. Find a tall tree, and leave behind a coin or two for your local wraith! It may just keep a knife out of your back.

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