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Sif Inn Grárulfr


Sif Inn Grárulfr


Race: Norseman
Realm: Menegroth

Fighting Since: 2009
Weapon of Choice: Club/Sword and Board

Sif and Ton Berry at Monster Mash II


A Gift From The Gods

One day, a Scandinavian farmer and his wife were wandering in the forest, searching for a lost sheep. They searched for hours but could not find the animal. Just as they turned to head home, the wife heard the cry of a baby. The couple followed the cries to a small clearing, and in a small patch of wild hay they found a child. The boy was wrapped in leaves, and as it saw the couple approaching, its cries stopped. The wife found love for this child in her heart, and they took him home and raised him as their son since they could not have children of their own. They named the boy Sif, to honor the goddess of the harvest; from which he must have been a gift.

Urbem Stygias

Sif grew to be a strong and smart boy. He learned stories and poems from the skalds, and his father taught him how to raise animals and tan leather into armor and clothes. When he came of age, Sif joined the raids, and quickly became a skilled fighter. He journeyed to distant lands and met many fighters and craftsmen, bringing home new knowledge and skills with every trip. His quick learning and adaptability did not go unnoticed. A veteran fighter known as Valin Phanuel recognized Sifs natural ability to lead, and came to him with the proposal of carving out a new Hold for themselves. Sif saw glory in this and joined Valin. Together they gathered a band of fighters together and founded Urbem Stygias, the city-state of the Nords.


Urbem Stygias grew to be a quaint forest town, but Valin grew too comfortable in his new home. Sif longed to explore the world, however Valin refused. Once Valin turned to the White Christ, Sif decided that he was no longer fit to lead. The people of Urbem Stygias stood behind Sif as he challenged Valin to single combat. They were well matched, and the two fought from sunrise to sunset, but eventually Valin stumbled and Sif took his victory. Urbem Stygias then held a moot and elected Sif as its new leader. They cut all ties with their history, and took the name of Menegroth.

Menegroth began sending raiding parties out into the world, traveling further than ever before. It was after a long day of raiding that Sif was approached by the Sigurd the Ogre. Sigurd recognized Sif and his companions as Norsemen, and was curious as to what had brought them so close to Jotunheim, the realm of monsters. Sif and Vladimir told Sigurd of their home, and how they wished to extend the influence of the Norse people. Although his Ogre heritage called to him more than his Nordic upbrining, Sigurd wished them well, and offered to help the Norsemen as best he could.
Sif and his companions would meet Sigurd again in their travels. Although their meetings were often on opposing sides of the battlefield.

The Journey South

Menegroth continued to grow, faster and larger than any had imagined, but Sif grew restless. There was more to see, more to do, and more adventures to be had. And so it was that Sif decided to travel south into the unknown. His parting was sad to some and unknown to others, but Sif himself was itching at the possibility before him. Rumors have begun to spread of Sif creating a new settlement in the south. Menegroth is still his home however. Sometimes he returns to that familiar place to assist them in their largest battles.

Events Attended

Armageddon XV
Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities: 10, 11, 12
Eriador Halloween Event: 11, 14, 15, 16
Melcorme BS: Meadcorme
Monster Mash I, II, III
Oktoberfest: 2014-2018
Spring Wars: 16, 17
Wolfpack Opener: 15
Wreck The Halls I, II

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