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We are a cross-game Battle Unit primariliy in Dagorhir and Belegarth based on the Rangers of Ithilien from the Lord of the Rings universe founded in 1991. We are based in Johnstown PA, but have members all over the country. Our strongest population is currently in the Midwest. While we are a battle unit many of our members are artisans and are held in the same esteem. Artisans can also equally advance through our ranks as well.



Lord Marshall, Ser Timmourne Darkwater



  • Faramir son of Denethor
    • Steward to King Elessar, Prince of Ithilien, Lord of Emyn Arnen
  • Éowyn daughter of Éomund
    • Princess of Ithilien, Lady of Emyn Arnen, White Lady of Rohan


Listed in order of succession

  • Lord Marshall of Ithilien:
  • Lord Commander & Captain of the Black Company:
  • Captain of the Grey Company:
  • Captain of the White Company:
  • Lieutenant of the Black Company:
  • Lieutenant of the Grey Company:
  • Lieutenant of the White Company:
    • VACANT
  • Warrant Officer of the Black Company:


Rangers of Ithlien at Gates 2014

Black Company

The personal guard of the Marshal of Ithilien. Responsible for tactical decisions and special operations. (Consisting of fighters from Pennsylvania and fighters not in the regions of the grey or white companies).

  • Captain: Ser Rainen Timmourneson
  • Lieutenant: Sophia Andrea
  • Warrant Officer: Zane Timmourneson
  • Enlisted:
Rangers of Ithilien Emerald and White Companies at Armageddon XX! Photo Credit: UrBan Mythos

Emerald Company

The frontline fighters of the Marshal of Ithilien. Responsible for breaking through the enemies’ defenses and creating an impregnable wall while defending. Works with our brothers and sisters in Dol Amroth to destroy the enemy. (Consisting of fighters from Ohio).

White Company

Rangers of Ithlien White Company at War! 2022
The Personal Guard of the Prince of Ithilien whom act as the skirmishers and scouts of the Marshall of Ithilien on the battlefield. (Consisting of fighters from Indiana).

Reserve Company

These are our inactive members. They are always in our hearts and keep their ranks until they return. Officers were changed to wardens to keep their status.


Non-Officer Ranks


One who wishes to join our ranks, once accepted by a Captain, or higher, is bestowed the rank of Nameless. Their current name is stripped from them and they are assigned a name by the Captain of the Company they are accepted into. This is to teach humility and to show that they are working to earn their spot in our midst. This is a probationary rank.


Once a Nameless has passed their name trial, whether combat or non-combat, they are bestowed the rank of initiate. This is the first rank where one is considered fully a member of the Rangers of Ithilien. They are still low on the hierarchy, with a lot to learn, but are considered Rangers.


After an Initiate has proven their worth on or off of the battlefield they will be given the opportunity to take their Ranger trial. Upon completion they will be given the rank of Ranger. This person is one who initiates should look up to as an example and should start teaching and helping others.


After a Ranger has continued to show their merit on and off the field, including providing for and teaching not just fellow rangers but fighters of all units, they will be given the opportunity to take their Sentinel trial. Upon completion they will be held in high esteem by their fellow rangers and should be someone whom all look up to both inside and outside the unit for help, teaching, and mentorship.


Over many years if a Ranger shows exemplary behavior both on and off the field they will be given the chance to take their Warden trial. This is the highest non-officer rank and therefore should be the exemplar of what it means to be a Ranger. Upon completion of their trial this should be someone whom all, both in and out of the Rangers, should aspire to be like.

Officer Ranks


A Sergeant is an assistant to the commanding officer. They are appointed by the commanding officer, and may be combat or non-combat. Duties may include leading segments of the unit on the field, guiding and instructing less-experienced players, and/or assisting with camp duties. Sergeants must pass the Sergeant’s trial after appointment.

Warrant Officer

A Warrant Officer keeps and assists in maintaining the armory, roster, attendance, waivers, and other paperwork. They are appointed by the commanding officer, with the approval of the Lord Marshal. There is no trial for this rank as it is appointed and majorly administrative in nature.


The Lieutenant acts as second in command in an area. They keep the treasury, maintain a list of expenses and incomes, and assist with maintaining the armory. They are appointed by the commanding officer, with the approval of the Lord Marshal. Once appointed a Lieutenant must pass the Lieutenant’s trial.


Captains are appointed specifically by the Lord Marshal, with advice given by other players as appropriate. They act as commanders of one of the companies and as advisors to the Lord Marshal. As noncombatants, they are experts in their areas of study. As warriors, they excel both individually and as part of the unit. As leaders, they are looked upon to assume responsibility and guide the Rangers. They are those who are what all Rangers aspire to be.

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