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Saewyn at Mittlemarch Olympics

Saewyn (real name Dixie Granger; she/her/hers) is a Sergeant and Ranger of the White Company of the Rangers of Ithilien of the realm of the Northern Steppes. Saewyn is the White Company’s head kitchen witch and responsible for its noncombatants and noncombatant pursuits. She is also apprentice in the Artificer Guild under Master Alyna.




  • Sergeant and Ranger of the White Company
  • Artificer Journeyman
  • Kitchen Witch
  • Stealer of Mt. Dew


  • Born: TA 3013, in Edoras
  • Father: Lord Adwig
  • Mother: Lady Darfled
  • Brother: Gladwine
  • Cousin: Goldwine





The Saga of Saewyn



In year 3013 of the Third Age there was a great celebration in Edoras. The capital city was abuzz with festivities for a new child was born to one of the noble houses. The babe was the second born daughter of Lord Adwig and Lady Darfled . These noble parents were well renowned in the capital, and while Adwig was not on the King’s council he was often asked to give advice on trade matters for his days as an emissary of King Théoden brought him far afield in his youth. The title of Lord therefore was bestowed due to his service to King and Rohan, as well as his far-flung connections, and not a hereditary council position, which was unheard of. On one such adventure back from the Kingdoms of Dale and Erebor many years ago, 25-year-old Adwig rode at the fore of a long wagon train of gifts and goods gifted to and purchased on behalf of the king.

As they were passing through the Wold towards Edoras, they stopped at a small village on the banks of the Entwash. The travelers were hungry and in need of provisions, so Adwig sent his men to the tavern while he went to the local merchant to barter for some feed for the horses. There a warm smiling woman with shockingly dark hair greeted him from the counter, “Hail my Lord! How might I serve ye?”

Controlling his reactions, Adwig responded, “I need feed for my horses, miss. Yet I would be remiss if I did not ask your name and where you are from to have such gorgeous hair? For it is far fairer than the muddy hues my kin share.”

“Why thank you Lord, my name is Darfled,” replied the maiden with now obviously flushed cheeks. As she gathered the feed she continued, “and my father originally hailed from Dol Amroth in Gondor but traveled to Rohan to flee the war.”

“Darfled, a beautiful name to match,” Adwig began barely able to control his own words. He pulled out his green and black pouch to grab the coins needed for the purchase while he finished his sentence, “I wonder have you ever been to Edoras and gazed upon the Golden Hall of Meduseld?”

“N-n-no I have not my Lord,” she stammered as she accepted the coins from Adwig and put the coins in the small chest under the counter. She kept avoiding his eyes, for if she stared to long, she feared she would be unable to stop.

“Well, that must be remedied,” Adwig put the remaining coins back in a different, far plainer pouch. Gingerly grasping Darfled’s hand placed on the counter, Adwig turned it over and placed his green and black pouch inside her now open palm. “This was a gift from King Dáin II Ironfoot, King of Durin’s Folk, King of Erebor under the Mountain. It was made from the scales of two great dragons from long ago. The enchantment on it will not allow it to be stolen from you nor shall a pickpocket find entry. Keep this as my promise that I shall return for gazing upon you was the most beautiful part of my travels.”

With that Adwig left while Darfled was still standing there stunned to speak for she had failed her quest to avoid his eyes. Adwig kept his promise and took Darfled and her parents as chaperones to Edoras beginning a short and passionate courtship. They had their first child, a son, Gladwine , nigh a year after their marriage. With their small family they were content for a while and the wandering Adwig now had a small troupe that would go with him on most of his travels. As they traveled and forged relationships they trained their son to take over someday.

They taught him economics, and statesmanship, which would be the hallmarks of his craft. They also taught him of the horse, sword, and bow as these were mandates from the King in case the éoreds were to be called up in time of war. Gladwine, named for the smile he bore on his face at birth, excelled under their tutelage and at age 14 was allowed to serve as a page to the King once Adwig was declared a Lord. During those two years apart from their son Adwig and Darfled were able to spend more time alone together, and as these things often happen became with child once more while on a trip to Minas Tirith.

Once arriving back at Edoras, Darfled was greatly with child, and all knew the birth was nigh. King Théoden, sensing the growing evil in the world saw this baby as a blessing. Therefore, he called in all of the Lords and prepared Edoras for a birthing festival worthy of a noble birth. So once the screams of Darfled ceased and the wailing of her newborn daughter started a hush came over the town gathered outside the Golden Halls of Meduseld where the King demanded the birth be done under the watchful eyes of the royal midwives. At last, the silence was broken when Adwig came out holding a bundle aloft and shouted with pride swelling in his chest, “My daughter is born! Meet Saewyn!”

A Star on the Rise


This nativity was met by loud cheers and the start of three days of festivities that took over every aspect of life in the capital. There were feasts and parties which filled every building with mirth and music. Yet it was not only Saewyn’s birth that was met with much commotion. That turned out to be her whole life.

As a youngster Saewyn was constantly getting into mischief. For example, when she was 7 Saewyn tried to climb the Golden Halls of Meduseld. This would normally be inexcusable for any citizen of Rohan, yet she had the favor of the King. From her birth she had King Théoden wrapped around her finger, to the point that he referred to her as his “dark-haired niece”. Yet, even with all of her nuisance, Saewyn was a dutiful daughter.

Just like Gladwine before her Saewyn was tutored by her parents in statecraft and economics. As well she was taught the horse, bow, and sword for all Rohirrim were assumed to be able to defend themselves in need. Since Saewyn was not destined to take over the family business she was allowed to pursue her own interests as well.

On Saewyn’s first trip to Dol Amroth to see her mother’s ancestral home Saewyn found her true passion. Although she was only 11 years old, she was amazed by all of the different fabrics that were for sale in the dock markets. The feel of the cloth, the way the light caught some of the threads, and the endless possibilities that could be made from such simple beginnings overwhelmed her interests. From then on Saewyn was determined to become a master of fiber crafts.

Saewyn chose fiber crafts for it was not just weaving and sewing that piqued her interest, but also the spinning of yarn and a technique from Dale that she saw on another trip called knitting. After this trip Saewyn had a newfound excitement for every trading venture that her father would have to go on. They weren’t just chances to see the world, but new opportunities to learn a new craft or way to make things from cloth, yarn, etc.

When Saewyn was 16 she gained permission from her parents to form her own small business. When they went on their travels Saewyn would explore the various cities looking for new fabrics, yarns, techniques, and garments to bring back to Edoras. Adwig was a major supporter of this endeavor, and if he knew of a craft that was undiscovered by Saewyn he would give her a riddle to go discover that method. Over time this grew into more elaborate quests, including her own solo expeditions once she was of age at 23 which sent her far and wide, with an escort, to discover new techniques.

Not only were her parents supportive of her enterprise, but so were the people of Edoras and Rohan at large. Whenever news would travel across the land that Saewyn had returned women and fashionable men would travel from all over Rohan to Edoras. There they would visit her shop and bid for her wares. Saewyn, being a cunning saleswoman, never even had to set a price. She knew that once she opened her shop’s doors that there will be more patrons than she had items to sell. Therefore, she became an auctioneer, and a very wealthy one.

Saewyn stayed humble however and often used her money to go on trips to the smaller villages and bring gifts of food, seed, and feed. Whenever she would enter a town, she would host a feast that every person from the Lord to their servants would be allowed to attend. The food, cooked herself, was always sufficient and delicious, and the mead was free flowing. This caused her to be respected as much as any Lady of Rohan, though she had not inherited any title. Yet Saewyn earned a title that was rarely spoken in her earshot: the humble Lady of Beneficence.

War of Grief


During the war Saewyn did all she could to help support the war effort. During the siege of Helm’s Deep she was in the back of the glittering caves constantly cooking meals to help ease the discomfort and fears of women, children, and elders who hid there. When the sounds of battle came close to the mouth of the caves, Saewyn grabbed a bow and stood at the front of the line of those strong enough to defend themselves. Seeing their lady in the fore they were inspired to courageousness and were able to slay the few orcs who slipped past the guards at the cave’s mouth.

When King Théoden called the éoreds, Adwig and Gladwine answered the call and left for Minas Tirith with the great host. Saewyn stayed behind and, with the assistance of her mother Darfled, helped tend to and feed the wounded from the previous battles which were being held in the hall of Meduseld. When the great host came back to Edoras after the battle of Rhûn there was much joy as the horses appeared on the horizon. This joy was met with instant sadness as barely a tenth of the host which left from there had returned.

Among the dead was Saewyn’s beloved “Uncle” King Théoden. Behind the procession carrying the King’s casket Saewyn searched through blurry eyes for her father and brother. At last, she saw Gladwine and ran to him, wrapping him in a warm embrace. While the hug was returned there was a hesitation in his arms that instantly broke Saewyn down to her knees weeping. Darfled ran to her daughter and joined her in weeping. Gladwine bent down and lifted their chins, “Do not weep so mournfully. I bring bad news, but not the worst. Father was struck by an Easterling arrow. The healers did as much as they could to slow the poison. He is alive, but only just.”

“Take me to him!” demanded Darfled with a grim determination. The trio fought through the crowds to get to the small camp outside the walls of Edoras where the wounded were being sorted and treated. There her father lay, ashen pale and drenched in sweat, but when he saw his love, a smile widened on his face. “My love, I am gladdened that I get to gaze upon you and my beautiful family once more. Come my children.”

At this Gladwine and Saewyn, fighting back tears took Adwig’s hands and knelt by his side. Darfled knelt next to her daughter, one arm around her shoulders and one on her love’s chest.

“I haven’t long,” Adwig stated after a shaky breath. He reached up to his neck and removed his golden horse-head torque, “this was a gift from King Théoden when he made me a Lord. He told me my title was not inherited but earned. Gladwine, you have earned it.”

Gladwine accepted this with a mumbled thanks, kiss on his father’s brow, and some stifled tears. Next Adwig removed the same green and black pouch he had given to Darfled many years ago. She had re-gifted it to her husband as a token of luck as he rode off to war. Placing it in Saewyn’s hand he said softly, “This was once a promise to your mother that I would return and take her to a life of plenty. I have kept that promise. Now I make a new one to you: you shall be successful and well-loved as you always have been. You were a star in the late King’s eye, but you were the world to me. I promise that when we are together again one day there will be a seat of honor in our fathers’ hall for you to regale us of your many journeys. Inside is the last quest I have for you, my sweet daughter.”

Like her brother Saewyn accepted the gift while holding back tears and kissed her father’s brow. The children took a step back as Adwig meekly motioned towards his wife, she knelt near his head and pulled it onto her lap. There he stroked her hair and talked with her for a few minutes. Then while staring into her eyes, Adwig left Arda for the halls of his fathers with the same smile of admiration he had when he first saw Darfled.

The Last Quest


After the funeral of the King, her father, and many others it took Saewyn a few weeks to recover. It wasn’t until years later, however, on her 28th birthday when she finally had the strength to open her father’s pouch which had naught left her side since it was given to her. Inside there was a small handwritten note:

This is my second-to-last quest to you my sweet daughter: those who inhabit the Ithilien wood have cloaks which I have never seen even to this day. With them they seem to blend in with any foliage, regardless of season, learning this secret will be your hardest quest yet. But it is not your last, that is on the back of this note. I love you my dear Saewyn.

Saewyn wiped the tears from her eyes and with her smile unfading flipped over the small scrap of parchment.

Find love. Not any love, find a love like your mother and I share.

That very next day Saewyn, and her small escort, left Edoras for Ithilien. When she approached the woods, a man popped out of a bush to her side where he was previously unseen. “Halt! Who approaches Ithilien, Principality of Gondor, lorded over by Prince Faramir and Princess Eowyn?”

“It is I, Saewyn of Edoras,” she declared without fear, “I was sent here by my late father, Lord Adwig, to seek out a quest.”

“Aye, I’ve heard of ye,” the man said, “well I am Berenor son of Beregond, Ranger of Ithlien. I shall take you to the Lord Marshal of Ithilien, Timmourne Darkwater, who is managing matters while the Prince and Princess are away.”

At that pronouncement 10 other Rangers appeared at the sides of the caravan and escorted them into the woods. There they were blindfolded for secrecy and taken to Henneth Annûn, the secret outpost of the Rangers. There before the Lord Marshal she plead her case:

“My Lord” Saewyn started with a curtsey, “my passion is fibrecrafts: textiles, knitting, and the like. My father oft gave me quests to discover new techniques and to further my knowledge. After fighting with your rangers and later dying from his wounds he bade me travel here and learn the secrets of your wondrous cloaks, if you shall teach me.”

“Ah, I see,” the Lord Marshal replied, “this is not a secret that we share to outsiders. If you wish you can undertake the trails to join us. Then, and only then, might we teach you that craft. It will be hard, arduous, and possibly perilous. What say you?”

“I accept your challenge!”

“Then from this day forth, until you pass your trials and earn your name you shall be Herenya!”

“What does that mean my lord?”

“Ah well,” the Lord Marshall replied with a chuckle, “first you must learn the elvish tongue, for this is how we speak. This comes from the old Quenya and means blessed and wealthy. For this is how I see you now, yet what shall you become?”

With another curtsey Herenya left the Lord Marshal’s chamber and was guided away by Berenor to start her training.

What’s In a Name

For many months Herenya traveled with the Rangers and learned their ways. Soon she found her place amongst their ranks, not as a fighter but as a provider. Whenever the Rangers went on campaign she went with them and helped maintain the camp. While the others struggled against the forces of evil, she toiled tirelessly to keep the camp running. Without her tireless efforts the Rangers would not have been fed as well and able to rest as much. Her efforts led to some of the most successful campaigns the Rangers ever had as they were able to devote more of their efforts to the task of war.

Berenor trained her on the history of Gondor and trained her on the customs of the Rangers. He routinely reminded her that once she was determined worthy by him she would have to prove her worth before the Rangers with a trial. Therefore when the White Company returned to Ithilien Herenya threw her into another task, making sure the Rangers were properly clothed. Opening up her Bazaar under the eaves of the Ithilien wood she created clothes for the Rangers and their allies. Little did she know she was leading up to her true name.

After a months of toil and tribulation a new Ranger was due to be initiated into the White Company. On that day a trial of arms was held and after hours Faelíndir Leithiavúl was declared as a new initiate to the Rangers of Ithilien. Herenya was called forward in order to provide the crest of the Rangers to the new initiate. Berenor told her to bring two such sigils to give the new initiate a choice in which he preferred most, but this was a lie. Before all those gathered that day Berenor, Lieutenant of the White Company declared that through her selfless service to the Rangers that she had earned her official place with the Rangers of Ithilien, not as Herenya, but as SAEWYN!




  • ”Have you eaten!?! No? Sit down and eat!”
  • "My tea cups are not relish dishes!!!"
  • "Get out of my kitchen!"
  • "I don't understand why people think I'm intimidating."
  • "Berenor, no!"

Made by Squire Berenor

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