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Niflheim received speaking rights in January of 2012 and hopes to continue to grow as a realm. Their next goal is to host their own event.

Niflheim is a proud member of the Northern alliance; they are proud to be brothers-in-arms with other realms and units of the Upper Midwest and Canada.


Niflheim is based out of Moorhead, MN.

Practices are held Sunday afternoons, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm near the bell tower at Concordia College. During colder weather, they move to an alternate, indoor practice location.

901 8th St. S

Moorhead, MN 56562

Members with Voting Rights

A discussion between members of Niflheim at a Sunday practice.

Average practice: 15-20 people

Total members: ~30 people


Website and Forums:

or contact Artemisia at


2011 WolfPack Niflheim
Some members of Niflheim at WolfPack Opener 2011.
Artemisia, the Jarl of Niflheim.
Hrodir preparing a javelin throw at Artemisia
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