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Realm: Sahir
Shield strike.jpg

Unit: House Beifong

Fighting Since: August 2015

Preferred fighting style: sword n board, Kaijubo

Lore: Minokawa is a dragon-bird deity of the Philippines. Their claws, beak, and feathers are made of steel, and their wings resemble thousands of swords. It lives among the stars, and each night it chases the moon from the eastern to western horizon. It seeks to eat the moon, but the moon (personified as a goddess ) is clever, and jumps into one of eight portals that take her back to the east. On the days that Minokawa consumes the moon, a lunar eclipse occurs, and the strength he gains allows him to sometimes consume the sun, causing solar eclipses. During an eclipse, the people beat their drums and scream their chants to the sky, a ritual to disrupt him. The faint sounds in the night sky confuse Minokawa, and he opens his mouth "to hear the sound." The sun and moon are able to jump to their freedom, and continue their cycles. But one day, Minokawa will devour the sun, the moon, and the earth, and will be the herald of the apocalypse.


Events attended:

Anime Apocalypse 2012 (Khador ran a Belegarth room all weekend)

Obsidian Harvest 2015

Armageddon XV (2016)

Rhun in June 2016

What a knightmare.jpg
Bear Brawl 2016

Morva Maelstrom 2016

KGC 2016

Khador: Gathering the Forces 2016

Obsidian Harvest 2016

Here There Be Dragons: X Marks The Spot 2016

oktoberfest 2016

Zombie Candy Apocalypse 2016

Armageddon XVI 2017

Obsidian Harvest 2017

Take Your Hitsmas 2018

Hydra Invades House Dregoth 2018

Wolfpack Opener 2018

Armageddon XVII 2018

Muxlovia grand reopening 2018

KGC 2018

Oktoberfest 2018

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