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In dee beginning, Melashekhaad create everyt'ing. Other gods, as well as all Goblyns. Dis be known as Age of Creation, and dees goblynz, dey be True Goblynz. Strong an' quick, ruthless an' bloodthirsty. Filled with rage an feer no death. All goblyn souls be sent to River of Souls wen dey die, and den dey just come bakk out again when new youngling be born. So who care if die? Dis give greenskins dee bloodlust dat makes dem edge over races. Dey be way Goblynz meant to be, Melashekhaad true creation. An' with Pissran running around world, der always be moar greenskins den any uther race. We best dem all, and be dee bestest race on dee earth.

Other races doh, dey be jealous of Goblyn might, an fact dat we better den dem at everything. So Marjack, god of Bugbears, decide to rally up other races, and go to war with Goblyns. Dis be known as dee Great War, and it be long an' bloody. Out of all dee greenskins in dee world, only five be powerful enough to kill other gods. Deez be dee most famous of all Goblynz, and names still be known today. Deez be Reth, first an' greatest Goblyn King, Neb, dee brilliant general, Sifu, dee powerful Witchdoktor, Skribbit, dee most rage-filled warrior even known, and Baulk, a nasty, carnivorous thing. All be mighty in der own right, an' dey best lesser gods in combat, an strike dem down. Dee war continue, and it look like enemies be starting to lose ground. Marjack t'ink dis be unacceptable. So he make plan. Baulk, weakest of dee Great Goblynz, be very fat, gluttonous Goblyn. It be hunger dat make him so vicious in battle. Marjack find him alone one night, and ask if want to taste bestest, most delicious t'ing in all world for all eternity. And of course, he talking 'bout goblyn souls. Because it true, dey be best tastin' ting could ever imagine. Baulk, knowing dis, agree anyway. Marjack transport him to dee mouth of dee River of Souls, an as soon as he see dee souls go by, he nom on dem. Take bites of as many as he can. Some he get little bite, some big. Some he take so much, dee youngling not survive birth. Dis weaken dee younglings, and Marjack was pleased.

As dee war went on, it became more difficult, because the new Goblyns being born were not as strong. And in the beginning there was much confusion, many goblyns be slain, not understanding the ways of war, since this was the first war ever fought, and dey were fighting dee gods themselves. We nearly won, because we still had dee four Great Goblyns, any of which be a match for a god. Skribbit himself had power beyond measure. He was known as a Godslayer; he had slain so many of the lesser gods. And there were many True Goblyns. Dee war drag on for....well, we don't really know, but a long time. There become a plan. Reth come wit plan to dee other Three. He say, "We need to prepare and grow our Goblyn strength. We need to find a place of power, and muster all our forces to attack the great city of the races. We must bide dee time for us to prepare."

So Sifu train the first Witchdoktors in the great Goblyn majikz that she had taken from Pissran. Reth and Skribbit train the first kabal of Khadines, great leaders and vicious warriors. It is left to Neb, brilliant general, to delay the whole amassed forces of the other races. He do this wit a small group of True Goblyns, an' dey infiltrate into dee lands of the other races. An' dey go from place to place, burnin' an' killin', an' preventing dem from gathering der strength, an' preventing dem from ever being able to move on dee Goblyns as dey prepare. Finally, dee time be drawing close for wen the goblyns launch der attack, and der be council. Neb say he not so sure dat he should continue to be doing this, because he think gods are planning something. He be getting feeling, an' hints dat the gods be plotting. Reth and Sifu say no, we not be ready yet. Almost, but not yet. We needs little more time. An' Neb say okay.

So Neb be out in dee wilderness, wit his Goblyns, called dee Crows, an' dey be almost all of the remaining True Goblyns in the world. It be Crows because dey wore cloaks of black, an' fly through the night an' attack their enemy where no one would suspect. Dey find dis range of mountains Neb never seen before. In dee time of gods walking dee earth, dis not as strange as you might think. Neb go alone onto mountainside, and it not be until he reach dee top dat he realize wat dees mountains be: the body of a god. An' not jus' any god, but dee body of Uron, powerful Ogre creator god. Blood still gush from dee wound, an' a sense of doom overtake Neb. He not know why dee other gods murdered Uron, but he know somethin' be wrong. Den, he hear terrible screams. Screaming and sounds of war and battle down below. He race down dee gods' corpse and he finds der encampment torn to pieces, dead Goblyns everywhere. Der be great patches of land dat be burned, frozen, or turned to stone. He wonder wat could do dis. There barely be another Goblyn alive. Neb filled wit rage at losing his group, an' he realize this is what the gods had been preparing. He tracks through the camp, an' finds the footprints of four beasts. Now, he understand. Uron was the god of the elements, and he understand dat dee other gods betrayed Uron to create great beasts from his blood, and filled with them their power. And he know, even though all his True Goblyns are dead, and it be a terrible blow, he know dat they were after him. He is the Godslayer, he is one of the Four. If he lives or dies, it could decide the war. But he not afraid, an' he say dat he will hunt an' kill these beasts himself, because so much of the gods' power must have been poured into them that it could kill them. Dey might die, an' perhaps end dee war.

So Neb take his spear, an' begin to hunt. He finds one, an' he tracks it to a lake. He dives into the water, an' finds it, wrestles with it, drags it out into the burning sun, an' he pin it. He pin it down wit his spear, an' dee creature of water be slain by dee sun. He find another one. He find it deep underground. He track it into a cave, where it dive in an' out of dee stone, an' hunt Neb in dee caves, an' he hunt it back. For many days dey track each other, until he find it, an' he stab it, an' he drag it out of the ground an' to the lake an' he drown it in the water, an' it dissipate. But as he stand der on the edge of dee lake, he hears a roaring sound, an' it be the flame. Flames be rushing through the forest behind him, an' he hear it an' he run. The flame pursue him, consuming dee entire forest. An' he continue to run, an' dee beast chase him in flames. An' Neb continue to run, for days it seem, until finally he run long circles through dee forest, an' he gets to a point where suddenly, all dey be surrounded by be dead an' charred trees. Dee beast has nothing to burn, an' it charges at Neb, an' he slay it. He knows der just be one beast left, an' thinks he be getting close. And he tracks it down. It be hiding, high up on the mountains, and he climb dee mountain, and he see it there. It fly at him, an' he stab it through dee heart. As he stab it, it grin, an' Neb feel something pierce his own heart. Because it was cursed, an' dee blow that he deal to the beast be dealt to him. And dee beast die, but Neb die wit him. When Neb's soul exit the River, Baulk take his piece, an' Neb was reborn but not as himself, an' one of dee Four was lost.

Now der only be three Great Goblynz left, an' Reth call to speak to Sifu and Skribbit. Sifu demand dey go find Baulk and kill him. Stop dee curse upon all new younglings, turn dee tide of dee war. Reth say no, der still be too many gods left, and if dey leave, war will be lost. But Sifu very stubborn female, she not take no for answer. Skribbit quiet; not goblyn of many words. Reth noh dat he follow Sifu wherever she go, he be dat loyal to her. He sigh, an say again dat we not noh where Underworld be. We hav idea, but not noh. If leave, and not succeed, will lose war.

Sifu not care, an' leave to find Baulk. Skribbit follow, and together dey travel across many lands, waters and wastes and mountains, until finally dey reach dee edge of dee world. An' der, just out of sight, be dee gates to dee frozen Underworld. Sifu an Skribbit approach, but den figure appear in front of dem. It be guardian, keeper of gate to Underground. He be huge creature, wit six arms, and have a weapon in each. Sifu march up an' demand to pass, to find Baulk. Gate guardian say he not noh wat she talking about, an' cannot pass. Sifu threaten him again, an' he ready great weapons. She pounce at him, an dey fight. Dee guardian swing his great arms, but he too slow for dee warriors. Dey move all around him, slicing at skin and hitting with spells. Wit her an' Skribbit together, dey defeat dee great guardian. As he bleedin' to death, say you are great warrior, wat want from me before I die? Sifu demand his powers. Guardian do as say, an' Sifu grow bigger, an dee extra arms sprout, an' she roar wit' power. But wen turn to Underworld gate in search of Baulk, she cannot enter. Guardian laugh as he die, an' say dat Sifu take his power, so must take his place. Skribbit rage, an' turn bakk to threaten creature, make him change wat be done, but he already dead.

Skribbt be overcome wit fury like he never known before. All know he be loyal to Sifu, but dis go deeper den any would guess, an' many t'ink now dat she be his mate. Dat aside, Skribbit be expelled from dee underworld an' shot across dee sky like blazing green comet. Dee gods an' dee goblynz looked up from der war, an goblynz somehow knew dat dis be sign of woe, an' der hope be shattered. Skribbit land in dee sea, dee sea boil around him. He fall to dee crust of dee world, an dee rage inside him melt it away, raising mountains of fire in dee depths. Dee earth itself shook wit dis rage, an it consume him, an awake beyond dee world, as dee God of Rage we venerate today.

So wit Sifu and Skribbit gone, dee armies of monster and Grik overtake dee Goblynz. It end in one final battle. Dee armies be crushed, an' tossed aside, and Reth be captured. Other gods take him to der city to be judged. Dey force him to kneel in great hall, wit dee gods sitting on der thrones in front, an' dey sentence him to death. Reth always bin dee greatest of dee Goblynz, an' favored by Melashekhaad for his strength an' cunning. So jus' before dee blade reach his skin, he call out to dee biggest of gods, creator of all, an' ask to bring wrath upon dem. Melashekhaad usually very lazy god. After all dat creatin' business, he pretty much done dealin' with mortals. But he hear Reth call out, an' so Melashekhaad reach down to dee earth wit one hand, an' pluck Reth up an out of dee world. Dee sheer weight of god crush everyt'ing around it an crack dee earth. Dee great city be destroyed, an all dee gods bodies be ripped apart by dee force. In it place form dee burning mountain of Nezzar, an all dee mountains surrounding. Reth be placed on Melashekhaad shoulder, an' dat be wher he sit to dis day.

So wit all dee Great Goblynz gone, an' Baulk's Betrayal, Goblynz be scattered an' lost, wit no leaders to rally dem. Dey run to dee woods and dee mountains, hunted down by other races. Dis be known as dee Age of Retreat, an' it be one of dee longest an' most wretched ages in all Goblyn history.

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