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Dameon Orcenfol

"The Order" Dameon at a Loderian Practice
Dameon Orcenfol at Okfest 06
Hell Hammer
Dameon at Rhun Closer 06
  • Real Name: Brian Lanius
  • Favorite Styles: Archery, Flail/Bat/Sword and Board
  • Fighting Since: 2003

Event History

Ragnarok XIX, War of the Iron Fist 04, Gates of Summer 04, Wolfpack Opener 05-09, Oktoberfest 05-08, Beltaine 05, Equinox 06, Spring War 05-09, Dunharrow Mini-Event 05-07, Clan of the Hydra Mini-Event 05-07, Loderia Mini-Event 05-08, Slums of Shaolin Mini-Event 05, Muxlovia Mini-Event 05-08 Melcaorme 06, Rhun Closer 06-08

Fighting History

In 2003 Dameon and Ixous started their own Dagorhir realm The Outsiders and practiced in Somonauk IL. Until in late 2003 they found a realm in Downers Grove called Desolation of Morgoth. The Outsiders and Desolation practiced with each other until The Outsiders went to Ragnarok XIX. After that desolation had a fall out and eventually disappeared. The outsiders started their own practices in Sugar Grove and Somonauk until they found a realm based out of Yorkville called Loderia. In 2005 The Outsiders had a fall out. Ixous and Dameon joined a unit call the Sarmations. A few months passed by and the Sarmations transformed into the unit called S.W.A.R.M, but before the transformation Ixous left to join a unit created by Dac Marcinakis called The Order. Dameon also started petitioning to House Dregoth at Spring Wars 2005. Dameon was one of the three elites of S.W.A.R.M. Nearing the beginning of 2006 S.W.A.R.M. was having leader difficulties and there was many that were upset with the way the unit had gone. Dameon was one of them along with Aldanius. Dameon called a meeting with the elites of S.W.A.R.M. to discuss what was going to be done with the unit. It was decided to disband the unit due to lack of funds and low morale. After S.W.A.R.M. disbanded Dameon quit House Dregoth also and fought solo for a while and then was asked by Ixous to join The Order. The Order was the spark of the Outsiders. Dameon then recruited four old members from S.W.A.R.M. Zenith, Drago Darkheart, Zephyr, and Jarvis to be the new age of The Outsiders. Dameon fought with The Order for a few months until Killian Atreides of Hell Hammer offered Dameon a Barreler spot in Hell Hammer. Dameon left The Order much to Dac and Ixous' dislike. Dameon is still currently a barreler and preparing for the day he is to barrel into his new family. Oktoberfest 2007 Dameon fought through his excruciating barrel and finally came home to his family.

Dameon and Zenith Cowboys from hell.
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