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Sir Chiron the Bearshirt

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Real Name: Jake Schlagel
Realm: Frozen North
Unit: Indomar (Aratari)
Began Fighting: 2003
Joined Belegarth: 2005

Lives: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Landlord

Sir Chiron at OctoberFest 2012. Photo by Ellie Apland

Other Interests: Teaching Guitar, Bicycles, Literature, Pipe Smoking
Favorite Beverage: Anise Mead
Honorary Member of Thunder Guard
Knighted: 2012
Events Attended: Ragnarok XIX Ragnarok XX Ragnarok XXI Ragnarok XXIV Ragnarok XXV Ragnarok XXVI Ragnarok XXVII Ragnarok XXVIII Ragnarok XXIX Oktoberfest 2005 Oktoberfest 2006 Oktoberfest 2007 Oktoberfest 2008 Oktoberfest 2009 Oktoberfest 2010 Oktoberfest 2011 Oktoberfest 2012 Snow Ball I Snow Ball II Snow Ball III Snow Ball IV Snow Ball V Snow Ball VI Snow Ball VII Giants Awakening I Giants Awakening II Giants Awakening III Giants Awakening IV Melcaorme VII Melcaorme VIII Melcaorme XII Melcaorme XIII Mittelmarch Olympics 2010 Mittelmarch Olympics 2011 Battle of Badon Hill V Siedde I Rhun in June 2007 Rhun in June 2009 Rhun in June 2014 Rhun Closer 2011 Wolfpack Opener 2012 Wolfpack Opener 2014 Sand Plains Closer 2013

Other Information


Chiron hosts Snow Ball every November in Duluth, MN, and co-hosts Melcaorme every May in Northern Iowa.


Chiron started foam fighting in the Spring of 2003 when an Amptgard fighter moved into his small South Dakota hometown. In 2004 he co-founded the (no longer active) Dagorhir realm Wiste-Nare in South Dakota. In 2005 he began selling weapons and leather armor, and in from 2006 to 2008 merchanted at Ragnarok with Redstar-Boltcaster. In early 2007 he co-founded the unit Cult of Odin, and was involved in bringing together the scattered fighters of Minneapolis-St.Paul into the realm Frozen North. In 2008 he joined the unit Indomar (which was then recently split from the Gestiguiste).


When he's not off having adventures, Chiron practices every Sunday at 2:00 at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis (14th and 33rd), and sometimes at Blades of Anduin practice in St Paul. He likes working on his dagger skills and telling people to run him over. Chiron is an advocate of teamwork, respawn battles, and having fun at the expense of winning.


Chiron squired to Sir Laithe of Indomar from 2010 to 2012, and was knighted into the Order of Argon Dreth at Ragnarok XXVII as Sir Chiron the Bearshirt.

Graven is currently squired to Chiron.

Carrot and Sir Chiron fighting at Giants Awakening III. Photo by Wren
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