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Chaotica finds a target at Prelude 2021.

Name: Sul Chaotica Morningstar

Nicknames: Godslayer, Angel Archer of Chaos, Chaotica the Strategist

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Current Realm: Tir Asleen

Former Realm: Nan Belegorn

Unit: None

Race: Fallen Aasimar - Soulbroken

Fighting Since: Fall 2014

Preferred Weapon: Archery

Description: A chaotic soul reborn from a past fighter, Chaotica was blessed with her knowledge and new identity and is known in some circles as the "Angel Archer of Chaos"... Her arrows are uniquely emblazoned with the symbols of her family, as opposed to a unit or personal symbol. Each is unique and tied to an element of a fighter she would sacrifice herself to protect.


"Get up." The gravely voice of her patron echoed within her ear. "You told me you'd do this." The assimar cleric laid on the ground, exhausted and unable to continue. "Pathetic," growled the god she had chosen to follow. "You're weak, broken, a failure. This thing you've become, its made you a mockery of yourself. Just an experiment, brainwashed into believing you could be something I did not make you to be." The assimar tried in vain to get up, tears streaming from her eyes as she stared into the divine appearance she had served so willingly. This was not what she wanted, she wanted to be valued, accepted, welcomed into the divine and human families she was once loved within. But that was before. Before she found herself and awakened the spark inside. But she still tried to balance both lives. It was tearing her apart.

Her god picked up the divinely created bow he has gifted her and looked curiously at it, tiny in his domineering hands. "To think I gifted you with this, the Divine Starlight, and you wasted it." And with that, and a tiny spasm of fingers he smashed the bow into pieces, letting them fall in front of the assimar, still lying on the ground, unable to move. As the first piece hit the ground, a feeling of intense pain and anger waved through the assimar. This was her gift, this was what she was born to do, and she had not failed. She simply was doing the work of two split souls and trying to unify them. Maybe it was time not to.

"No." She whispered, just barely, as the pieces of the bow fell in front of her. "Weakling, unworthy, undeserving of my gifts or my name," her patron mocked her, seemingly unable to hear or choosing to ignore the defiance brewing. "No!" The assimar said, louder now. "You dare defy me?," her patron said, finally acknowledging her voice. The pause between these next two sentences seemed to last an eternity. The assimar thought back to everything she had tried to be, and everything she was, the person she desired to be, and the pain and suffering she had felt at the hand of those who feigned love for her. "Yes I do," she said, finally standing on her feet to face the patron that for too long had controlled her life. "Then perish!" And with that final threat, her god reigned down a divine hailfire of radiant energy upon the assimar.

Within the barrage of radiant energy, the assimar herself was finally breaking the soul bond she had created, shattering the divine bonds that kept her down, and igniting her wings within the fury of the divine radiance. Taking the full power of a godly barrage, the white wings of her assimarian form evaporated, leaving behind burned skeletal remains as the radiant light continued to devour her. But her spirit, united in rage and defiance, started to glow black as the night and she felt a power surge forth to counter the radiant energy. Her divine soul, while shattered from her pain and suffering, led the way to a chaos energy that enveloped and protected her, strengthening her as the barrage continued. "I am Chaotica!" she screamed over the rush of divine energy. "And I no longer serve you!" Extending her hand over the form of the broken bow, the chaotic fire burning within her reformed the broken pieces into a metaphor for her soul, a Shatterpoint at her own command, brimming with chaotic energy and a willingness to fight to protect those who deserved it. An arrow, shining with a purple tinted hue, appeared within the quiver at her side. Drawing this, she aimed through the radiant light trying to push her down and took aim at the being she had served for years, only to leave her broken and discarded when she could not go on.

"You have failed those you were meant to serve," she yelled, straining to be heard over the divine energy. "I judge you to be the failure. And with this arrow, I will cleanse you!"

With that shot, Chaotica fell the diety she had once served, and she began her nomadic journey, seeking the bonds of family, and people worth protecting as the Fallen Assimar finally had found who she was meant to be.

A youth grown in the household worshipping the divine, Chaotica grew up believing the lie that she could never be enough. Her ascension and rediscovery led her to take on more than she can handle, and in doing so, lost the confidence she needed and fell from the grace traditionally seen with the angelic siblings she knows little of. Instead, she sought out a place in the world through finding herself, taking on the moniker of wandering cleric. Her travels brought her to encounter many unlike her, finding her greatest allies within Monsterdom. Adopted into their familial bonds, she seeks acceptance and chooses her own path, bringing a kind chaos to those who interact with her. Her victories bring pleasure and joy, and defeat brings the ability to grow. She now grows both her abilities and her confidence as she gains allies and works to heal the body, mind, and hearts of those around her. Those who have wronged her, the religious zealots of her past and those who have wronged those she considers family, will be met with a much different side, a barely controlled rage that consumes every part of her being. She seeks to blaze her own path, rejecting the colors of the traditional, and donning herself in the Soulbroken coloration.

But this is only the beginning, as the Soulbroken tieters carefully close to the darkness of complete chaos.

Allies of hers find themselves touched with the blessing of a divine strategist and a commanding tone, while enemies are targeted with retribution from her bow, designated Shatterpoint. She fights to the death for colleagues and seeks celebration with her found family.

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