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Tznacroms are the information storage devices used by Deep Ones to pass down knowledge. Tzncroms are often blue-green-black rocks of impossible angles and shapes. The writings on the occasionally glow with iridescent rainbows of light. Tznacroms are not read as other writings are, rather they are lived as memories and emotions that were instilled upon the tznacrom by the writer. Only higher caste and magic adept Deep Ones can truly 'write' tznacroms.

Known Tznacroms

-Tznacrom of phye 1

-Tznacrom of Qalupalik 1482

-Qalupalik’s 5th Tznacrom

-Qalupalik’s 7th Tznacrom

-Tznacrom of Qalupalik 1598

-Tznacrom of Qalupalik 1933

-Tznacrom 143 from SSN NorthFrost

-Tznacrom 146 from SSN NorthFrost

-Tznacrom 158 from SSN NorthFrost

-Tznacrom of Beethel the battle of Green Light Cavern

-Tznacrom of Iku 972

-Tznacrom of Neung the Reborn 821

-Tznacrom of Haluk the Awakened 631

-Tznacrom of the Twins 1

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