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Oktavia's Rune


General Info

Gender: Female

Race: Wither

Realm: Rath

Aditional Info

Seneschal Apprentice to: Squire Antionette

Personal Colours: Blue, Black, and Red

Favourite Fighting Styles: Sword & Board, and Archery

Fighting Since: March 2014

Character Lore

The Story so far

Oktavia was once a Sand Elf and part of the nomadic Songwind tribe that wandered the Northern wastes.She spent years in with the caravans traveling from place to place. During the winter months her caravan was traveling across the Great Empty a stretch of desert that was mostly uncharted and considered to be particularly dangerous by the surrounding villagers. There were many tales of desperate traders attempting to cross the stretch in order to cut down on travel time; none of them were ever seen again. However the Songwind tribe would travel across this stretch of land as a sort of religious experience. People who spent prolonged times in the area would often experience or hear the voices of the gods.

One night while traveling the the area Oktavia had an experience that changed her life. After wandering away from the encampment she encountered a being unlike any she had ever witnessed or heard tale of; it was humanoid in shape and slender in figure, but instead of skin it looked to almost be wrapped in the night sky itself. The being began to chant in an unintelligible tongue, and the more Oktavia listened the weaker she felt; it was almost as if the being was feeding off of her. After a matter of seconds that felt like an eternity she collapsed.

Oktavia awoke in a river in an unknown location. Her body was marked with runes that before would have been alien to her, but after the previous night she was able to slightly comprehend their meanings. The creature she encountered was of the Void. It had fed off of Oktavias magical energy, and in doing so had imbued her with its own excess of void energy; Unfortunately this meant that her life was on a timer, due to the presence of the void within her she would be constantly compelled to feed on magical energy herself. Failure to satiate the hunger would ultimately cause her to wither away into the void.

As years turned into decades Oktavia traveled across distant lands looking to find a cure for the Void Touch.

Accomplishments & Service


  • Top Volunteer (Chaos Wars XIX)
  • Order of the Raised Goblet (Chaos XXIII)


  • War Council Representative (Rath) 2015-2017
  • Head Marshall (Rath) 2019
  • Chaos Wars Vendor Coordinator 2016-2019

Events Attended

  • Chaos Wars XVII - XXIII
  • Thaw Brawl 2015-2016
  • The Battle of Anegawa 2015-2016
  • Highlands of Chaos Opener 2015-2017
  • Battle For Teutoberg Wald 2015 - 2018
  • Western Wars 2018-2019
  • Battle for the Ring 2019
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