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Golden, Colorado

Banner of the realm.

Founded in 2011 by Lyric of the Dark Angels, the Mines of Moria realm is based out of the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. While most members are School of Mines Students, Mines of Moria welcomes any fighters. Despite being a Belegarth realm, Mines of Moria is full of cross gaming with Dagorhir, occasionally favoring Dagorhir rules.

Mines of Moria is a very casual realm, focusing on fighting for the sake of fighting. As such, we don't require garb for our practices, to help encourage the general populace of Mines to join in at will. We also don't use armor rules, in an effort to reduce the costs involved for newer members and not give an advantage to people who spend money on armor. In short, we're a gateway realm to the larger game and happy to help anyone who wants to join.


Please see the Discord for up to date information, and to talk to our current leadership. Practices occur regularly throughout the school year on Kafadar Commons, on the School of Mines Campus, from 4 to sundown on Wednesdays and Fridays, weather permitting. We also work closely with the Bone Crows, a Dagorhir unit, and their nearby practice at Lions Park in Golden and Sverd, run by the Volants, over at James A. Bible Park on the South side of Denver.

Build Night

We host (relatively) regular build nights, funded in part by the School of Mines. Mines students can come and build a weapon, and so long as they provide a core, the rest of the weapon is free. For members from outside the School of Mines, we can still lend tools and experience to help build the best possible weapon. Unfortunately, due to our deal with the School of Mines, we are unable to allow non-Mines members to use our expendable materials.

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