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Real Name: Joel

Started Fighting: 2008

Realm: Northlands

Unit: Clan of the Hydra

Fighting Style: Sword and Board


Character History

There really is none, I came up with the name the day I was going to Summer Wars 2008, and only b/c I had to.

Mundane History

I started fighting when Mike (Talon) brought over some loaner gear he had borrowed from Momo(Ashen). From there I went to a couple of small practices and began to learn what the hell I was supposed to do with the weapons. Then I attended Summer Wars, after Summer Wars I quickly became more interested in fighting, eventually going to Octfest 2008. After some brief researching of units I attended Rhun Closer, where I officially began petitioning Clan of the Hydra. Now that winter has ended myself, and several other people have been going about the business of reviving the realm of Northlands. Now after a year of fighting I have attained the rank of guard in Hydra and keep getting better at fighting.

Events Attended

Summer Wars 2008
Octoberfest 2008
Rhun Closer 2008
WolfPack Opener 2009
Spring Wars 2009
Armageddon 2009
Summer Wars 2009
Northlands Mini 2009
Octoberfest 2009
Rhun Closer 2009


I like to listen to music, I also like to read comic books as well as draw them.

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