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A particular race of Highland Scots who lived from the early dark ages to the mid-Middle Ages. These Ginnic Scots were made up of the clans O'Reilly, Shanahan, O'Doyle, McPherson, Finnegan, MacCullogh, MacCullomain, and the O'Flaghertys. These Scot did not worship the Christian god, or any Celtic deity, but Ginneigh, a god who arose from the earth to command the O'Reillys who would then unite Scotland under Ginneigh's name until the last of the Ginnic Scots were exterminated by Edward I Longshanks.

The religion preached honor, integrity, love for nature, use of huge swords, and unification amongst the holy brotherhood of Ginnic Scots.

The only living Ginnic Scots are amongst the Lost Children of the O'Reillys, lead by Argyle III Salochstagh.

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