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Flynnt 3.jpeg

Full Name: Flynnt

Mundane Name: Sawyer Richardson

Unit: The Lost

Houses: Apprentice to Blademaster Sir Feyne the Reaper in the House of Death's Grasp, Twilight Guardians, Brotherhood of Red, Deathrisen

Home Realm: Dur-Demarion

Fighting Since: Dead of Winter 2016

Race: Deathrisen

Fighting Style: Red primarily, Florentine/Sword and Board secondary

Tournament Wins

Wheel of Death, Equinox 2018

Javelin, Beltane 2019

Goblin Buttdagger, Beltane 2019

Noob Tournament, Equinox 2019

Florentine, Buck Moon Festival 2021

4 Horseman, Buck Moon Festival 2021

Flynnt 1.jpeg

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