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Escaflowne is a bone white guymelef, measuring at 8.09 meter and weighing 7.6 metric tons. In dragon mode, it is 13.32 meters in length.

Visual, its main armor mode is in the style of a medieval knight. It has large, wide shoulders with massive gems on them. A large cape hangs from them. Its head is similar to a knight's helmet, and its body takes the appearance of armor. A massive sword is held in a scabbard built into the armor's back, which extends when drawn. Escaflowne's energist chamber is on the left side of the chest in this mode. The piloting chamber is in the chest, with an opening between the chest and head for the pilot to see through.

In dragon mode, it has red wings that span roughly the same length as its body. In this mode, the pilot rides atop the dragon and controls it with reins similar to a horse. While the armor mode is the default, it is easier to fuel the Escaflowne in dragon mode since the energist chamber is now held in the dragon's hand, allowing it to be moved low enough for a person to access.

EBF, Sharp Ribs, Fake Lefty, Not Fat'

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