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Fighter Information

Belegarth Alias: Dwarf

Nicknames: Drev

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Born: February 10, 1994

Began Fighting: April 2022

Realm: Talinor

Unit: N/A

Fighter Stats

Race: Dwarf

Height: 5'2"

Fighting Style: Master of None, partial to Sword and Board and Archery.

Event Attendance

Titles and Accolades

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Goals and Ambitions

  • Becoming a half-decent fighter so that he can facilitate training and teach future combatants in the sport.
  • Exemplifying honorable conduct through good and friendly sportsmanship and encouraging a rich and inclusive culture for all participants of Belegarth.
  • Make many friends across the realms and meet many fellow Dwarves to headbutt.
  • Building Talinor into the best realm it can be in hopes to facilitate more events in Washington State.
  • Unifying and building The Emerald Coast in size and name, equal to the neighboring Babylon Empire and Highlands of Chaos.


Personal Background: Dwarf was born and raised in New York until the age of 21 when he joined the armed forces. The displaced New Yorker had a 6 year career and traveled to many states, including Illinois, Virginia, California, and Washington. Dwarf discovered the existence of boffer sports and Talinor during his time stationed in Bremerton Washington in 2018. However, his military career made it difficult to participate in and commit to foam weapon fighting at the time. After his Navy career ended in October 2021, he searched for a new social outlet. He wasn't quite expecting the rich community and fond friends he would find at Talinor when he went to go fight with the realm for the first time. It was a welcome surprise though, and he has wanted for nothing since as far as communal enrichment is concerned.


Fun Facts:

  • His first weapons were a 34in flat blade sword and a 27in round shield made by Grim Isle Arsenal (at the time, Sweet Feet Foam) back in 2018. Those weapons remained untouched and unused until Talinor's reopening in April 2022, after the end of the Plague and his military career.
  • Collects Hawaiian shirts with Tigers on them.

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