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General Info

Dargarth is a hybrid system combining primarily Belegarth's fighting rules with Darkon's battlemap system. They hold an event every other Sunday, in or around Seattle.
Groups are broken up into "Countries" (akin to units in Belegarth), which hold territory on the in-game territory map. Unaffiliated individuals are able to act as mercenaries or free agents.

Founded in March 2010. Our Official Website.
Link to their wiki.

Game Differences

Most of the fighting rules were derived from Belegarth, and while the majority remain the same, a few large differences are as follows:
1) Armor is rated from 1 - 4 points

Starting at lightweight leather at 1pt to 4pts for plate. Bel leather is 2pts, chain is 3.

2) Shields are either "cored" or "uncored." Cored shields break in 2 red hits as normal, uncored shields in 1.

Cored = 1/4 plywood for shields 18" and smaller, 1/2" plywood for larger shields.

3) Additional hits to a dead leg count as death.
4) Instead of going down on a knee when your leg is hit, you may choose to post your leg instead.
5) There are no weapon weight requirements.
6) There is a lightweight class system, which includes magic. Magic is mostly a strategic ability, and mostly does not come up outside of land actions and adventures (effectively equivalent to Amtgard battlegames).
They have some leniency when it comes to cross-gamers and their equipment, as long as they are deemed safe. Virtually all Belegarth equipment will pass, and most Amtgard gear.

List of some Dargarth > Belegarth crossgamers

Bran ap Eynon

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