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Dame Black Rabbit the Courageous

Fighting Name: Dame Black Rabbit 'Three Chains' the Courageous, Knight of the Western Flame

Race: Elf

Fighting Preference: Archery, Polearm, Sword and Board

Realm: Anduril

Unit: Clan of the Hydra; Guard as of 2016, Unit Tribune Apr-Dec 2017

Fighting Since: November 2013

Knighted By Sir Yuri of Andor, at Battle for the Ring XII

Head of Medic House, House Hippocrates


Black Rabbit was invited to her first Belegarth practice at Stronghold of the Anduril Empire by Darth Cheeseheart in November of 2013. Though that first practice resulted in many (many) bruises, it also cultivated what was to become a profound love of the sport and the amazing people she has met through her adventures. As an experienced medical professional, she also likes to serve as a medic whenever possible. Now hailing from the realm of Anduril, she is a Guard in the Western sect of the Clan of the Hydra.

Squire Black Rabbit with her lineage, Sir Yuri of Andor and their Matriarch, Sir Sorcia of Andor

Described as kind, ambitious, energetic, and perhaps a bit feisty by her peers, Black Rabbit hopes to one day broaden her medical endeavors into the sport and definitely make more friends along the way.

Black Rabbit at BFTR 2015


"Though knowledge and excellence serve towards humanity, it is compassion that serves the soul of man."

"Spero Aeternum"; I Hope Eternally

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