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Fighter Information

Name: Yoshi Tatsu or just Yoshi

  • Previously known as Sarinth

Actual Name: Andres Ramos, Andre, Andrew or any other variation of them

Gender: Male

Realm: Kingdom of Northlands

Unit: House Dregoth (Petitioner)

Sub-Unit: N/A

Primary Fighting Style: Sword and Board, Min Red, Glave Fighting

Fighting Since: Summer 2012

Other Information

Primary Stats: AGI

Racial Bonus: +2 to Tanning

Feats: Weird Puzzle Master

Events Attended

Oktoberfest: 2018, 2019


Spring Wars: 2019

WolfPack Opener:


The Tatsu Clan intends to bring an eastern twist to a dominantly western world of roleplay with the Samurai/Ninja base as our main theme. We live based on The Bushido Code and its Eight Virtues, which are Rectitude(Justice), Courage, Benevolence, Politeness, Sincerity, Honor, Loyalty, and Self-control. Anyone out there who needs reliable soldiers, we have your back.

Though there are some members of the Tatsu Clan who decided that The Way of the Ninja was best, employing stealth tactics on and off the battlefield. The ninjas make for reliable soldiers, spies, assassins, or thieves they'll always have your back... for a price. We are based out of the Kingdom of Northlands

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