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aka 'blue face paint'.

Traditionally, a way to mark yourself for battle, it has special meaning among the elves. Specifically: "I don't give a f*k". It's used as a warning by those elves that aren't particularly concerned with who or what you are. It indicates a certain willingness to ally with monsters, and denotes that they are just as comfortable killing human, dwarf, elf, as killing a member of the monster races.

Because elves are special snowflakes, every elf that wears the woad will have slightly different reasons behind doing so. Some examples are:

  • Dedication to a specific cause.
  • General hatred of everything.
  • The distinction between meatsacks not being that big of a deal.
  • Cultural tradition.

But there are no hard and fast requirements as to how or why an elf decides to wear the woad. Some will always wear the woad, and some will only do so for battle. The latter tend to be the more civilized types.

There are currently no meanings behind the designs. What design an elf uses is purely up to them. However, it's advised to not cover the whole face, so as not to be confused with some monsters, who 'are' blue.

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