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The Western Uruk-Hai are totally awesome. They are a completely different animal than the Eastern Uruk Hai. Western Uruk Hai are known for helping out at events, and for hosting fantastic parties. The Western Uruk Hai won the Chaos Banner at Chaos Wars VII 2007, tied for the banner in 2012 because of extensive volunteering points. Members of the Western Uruk Hai traditionally host Goblyn Night, Beer Appreciation, and many years of Valas' Pub. Members of the Western Uruk Hai were instrumental in Belegarth's presence at FantasyCon, including the kick ass booth design.

In the Year of Chaos XX the Uruk-Hai, Pirates, Juggenauts, and Germanians joined forces to create Skul and dominated the fighting field for final day of the event.

Fighting Uruk Hai Breeds are Serpent, Gauntlet, Dire Wolf, and Hydra

Western Uruk-Hai ranking system:
Sapper: Recruits help veteran orcs around the event
Grunt: Have barreled thru trial and now full member of the unit
Ravager: Officer rank
Warleader: Field commander
Chieftain: Tribal leader
Warlord: Unit overall field leader Eunuch
High Counsel: Consist of Alister, Jin, MkDuf, and Black Blood

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