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Realm: Dur-Demarion

Established: Equinox 2014

Leaders: Arshank and Tandaar

Current Members:


Honorary Members:

Story of Vorshen

After the Wars of Anarchy finally came to an end, Zakaisia and Nanthok, lovers of one another and saviors of the realms, were welcomed back to the dark moon realm of Nagishkay with praise and adoration for their feats. With their victories, the feline Ice Vorshen were able to settle peacefully in the realms and live among the elves, dwarves, and humans, as one of the people. Not long after, Zakaisia, an Ice Vorshen, became heavy with a litter. Her blood and Ice element clashed with Nanthok’s Gururian wolf blood and moon element. Desperate to save her life and those of her unborn children, Zakaisia sought the aid of a powerful sorceress to bless the litter and separate the elements and allow them develop and form properly before birth. Relynu agreed, but with the understanding that she would help to raise the children, as a third parent. Zakaisia agreed, and with Relynu’s blessing and assistance, Zakaisia gave birth to a litter of four children, three girls and a boy. The youngest was named Arshankia’Lastai, meaning ‘Three Spells of Venture.’

Zakaisia, Nanthok, and Relynu loved the children very much, and taught them the ways of hand-to-hand combat, weapons fighting, diplomacy, and magick. The children resembled their father, with gray wolf features; their mother, with glowing stripes; and Relynu's large, white eyes. The city where the children grew to be strong and honorable warriors welcomed them gladly throughout their adolescences. They grew and matured into fine warriors, spell casters, artists, and lovers of adventure. As they grew, their skills and strengths honored their names, and each distinguished themselves in the powers they were named for. When the moon filled in celebration of the children’s Blue Moon, they celebrated with great gifts and celebration. In celebration of Arshank’s eye-opening day, her parents and siblings gave her a great gift in honor of her name. Relynu enchanted a large Viking ship. She swelled the hull with small bedrooms and large common rooms. She enchanted it to levitate and fly between the realms, allowing her to explore the worlds beyond the walls of Nagishkay. Relynu also cast a spell on the ship to protect those aboard the ship from any harm from those not welcomed onto it. If they protected Arshank, the ship would allow them. If a creature ever turned on her, the ship would turn on them. Overwhelmed with joy and excitement for the gift, Arshank soon made her way to explore the nearest elemental world beyond their city walls.

Before she left, Relynu warned Arshank that it was unwise to sail a ship with no name, and she would do well to name it soon, or risk the dangers of a perilous journey. Arshank heeded her second mother’s warning as she set sail for the Realm of Earth. Surrounded by the elements of Light and so unused to the bright element, Arshank was blinded by the burning sun and sat her flying ship down in a desert oasis to wait for solace of darkness. It was there that she saw a scaled and furred creature held captive by a warring tribe. Held in a ring of battles and scrapping fights, the dragon creature Arshank recognized as a Drapra won every enslaved encounter with only a broken dagger. Impressed by his skills, Arshank watched the fights with distant curiosity from the deck of her ship.

When the fighting had finished, Arshank watched the Drapra and head tribe leader argue viciously. Then the Drapra took off and disappeared into the surrounding woods on the other side of the encampment. The tribe and slaves quickly tore after him, leaving the village sparse and unprotected.

Behind her, Arshank heard rustling and scrambling by the side of her vessel and quickly drew her sword. The Drapra scrambled onto her deck and collapsed there, winded, but on the alert for the tribesmen. Arshank drew back, keeping a ready stance and distance from the creature. Her eyes caught the sight of tall, feline ears flicking from between two long, red and blue head fins. He was part Vorshen! Arshank pushed him for answers, and the Drapra explained that he was born of two creatures, a Vorshen mother and a Drapra father, who had left his mother before he was born. Arshank had never known there were others like her in the worlds. Slowly, she lowered her sword and helped the creature to his tall, scaled feet. It was then that she noticed his eyes, a warm brown, and cat-like. They were not like a dragon’s at all. He introduced himself as Tandaar and explained how he had grown up in a forest tribe of Vorshen, raised by his mother to fight with swords and shields, and his preferred long glaive, which the nearby tribe had taken from him. He vowed to protect her and fight by her side if she would allow him sanctuary aboard the ship.

Arshank remembered the blessing Relynu had cast on the ship and knew that if Tandaar was able to board the ship, then he must be of good heart. Arshank agreed and they quickly set sail with the evening’s darkness.

For several years, they explored more of the Realm of Earth, and Arshank thought of what Relynu had said about the dangers of sailing an unnamed ship. Arshank crafted a flag depicting the wolf and the dragon and waved the banner high in the masts. The ship carried them safely through the world, carrying the name Vorshen.

When they docked in Middle Earth, Tandaar quickly noticed a hillside covered with fighters. When they approached, Arshank became fascinated with the fighting styles she had never seen before. They introduced themselves as explorers of the realms, and were met with honor and great welcome by the fighters to the hillside of Dur-Demarion, and welcomed all those who would fight and enjoy their company. Among their people, Arshank and Tandaar gathered other explorers like themselves and shared with them the sanctity under the Vorshen flag.

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