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Real Name: Matthew Shiplet

Fighting Name: Nomad, formally titled Nomadic Wolf

Fighting Since: Spring 2006

Realm: Water's Edge

Race: Human

Fighting Styles: Greatswords, occasionally bows and polearms.

Unit: The Order

Titles: Disciple of The Order, Corsair King of the Seas, Leader of Water's Edge

Event List: Wolfpack Opener '10, '11

Armageddon '10

Oktoberfest '10, '11

Mux Mayhem '07, '11

Winter Invasion '08

Though not always known by Nomad, one thing is certain of the vagabond: the self proclaimed Corsair King of the Seas is a fiercely loyal companion to those he deems worthy. His past is shrouded in mystery to all but the closest of his friends, but those who've learned bits of it all agree that he's faced both hard times and fair winds with grit, determination, and more than his fair share of sarcasm.

Several years ago, Nomad was a pirate of some reknown sailing under the name Shadow in the realms of the east when a changing on the winds set him upon a course for the lands of Lorderia. It was there and for reasons unknown to all but him that he renounced his piracy to swear alleigence to the Masters Ixsain and Daq, becoming an Adept in The Order. At the same time, he stepped out of his old name, chosing the Nomad as a tribute to the miles he's travelled and the places he's been. Within The Order, Nomad quickly proved his worth with a greatsword, rising to the rank of Disciple at Oktoberfest '11.

Shortly after he took to travelling once again, setting his sights once more on the east. Recently he's been sighted as the leader in an up and coming realm called Water's Edge. It's also been said that during his latest disappearance he's honed his medical skills, and is now a competent healer. These days it is rare to see him without a smile on his face, beads around his neck, and his Disciple belt flag hung prominantly and proudly on his side.

"Never look bad? Bad idea, it's the miles behind me that remind me just how many I have left to go." -Nomad

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