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  • Uganggi, Ugangi, U'gangi (Great Flaming Rage): is the ogre God of Fire.

Known as the Wild, the Terrible, Fire-Brand, Flame-Beard, Urungnar god of fire, warriors, hunters, destruction, and the slain.

He is most revered by the Thor'an Gha tribe of Hellhammer and Mekoot Bhakdar. His legend and lore is known by Shamans Goron, Ghanima, and Sigurd. The last known Shaman of Uganggi was Ulvat the Beergarde, who has passed into the next world.

Worshipers of Ugangi are captivated by flames drawing visions from within or using them to fuel their battle rage. Uganggi kept wolves as pets and had fiery red hair. When he was betrayed by his brother he used his spear to kill Uchronus before he burst into flame consuming his body and Uchronus'. The spear is rumored to have been burned at the same time although some legends speak of Utezni finding the spear.

Ugangi conquered fire and all other foemen and was second to none, not even his brother-chieftain Utezni. Ugangi was the largest and strongest of the 4. He was brash and bold. Extremly charismatic, he was popular amongst the Garad, and enjoyed merrymaking. He was betrayed by Uchronos and ascended into a raging flame after a confrontation about what happened with Una. He despises his brother who betrayed him. He gets first choice amongst the dead. His companion wolf Karn gathers warrior dead to join his warband in the hunt to seek out his brother. What knowledge of Marbanog he had remains unknown. Though not of his blood, his nephew Ulv was akin to him in spirit and was amoung the first to join his warband.

This chant often summons his presence whether in ceremony or at the dawning of battle: Uganggi, Uganggi, Ma Oh Shi Ah.

Despite being most revered amongst ogres, many monsters recognize the power of Uganggi and recite this chant to cultivate the burning fury of his bloodlust.

Symbol of Uganggi
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