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The Thorion Raiders are a band of fairly young fighters hailing from Batavia IL. They have been a Unit for a little over a year with many young and dedicated fighters.

Fairly laid back, the Raiders main goal is to try and have as much fun as possible.

The group is comprised of about 10-15 regular members.

The ages of the fighters range from 14-21 so we have a very wide spread base. Only a few members have been to events so everyone is still learning.

Practices are Fridays 4pm-7pm at Engstrom Park[1], Batavia, Illinois 60510

The end of the season is usually mid to late November and practices are not held during the winter.

The Raiders will resume practice around mid March.




Lord of the Realm: Shagrath

Captain: Sheppard

Sergeant: Mid ranking member whos main job is to keep the Recruits in line.

THEGN :(member) Low ranking member whom has proven themselves worthy through time and dedication.

DRENG :(recruit) Not full members, but through time, pain, and commitment will achieve their badge.

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Website [2]

A special thanks to Murdock the Mad and the rest of HD for all their help, hospitality, and encouragement.

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