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Si'rak StormShadow


Si'rak StormShadow
Race: Night Goblyn
Unit: Dead River Horde
Realm: Dead River (aka Dur-Demarion)
Fighting Since: 2003
Weapons of choice: Sword and Punch, BugBear
Favorite Meal: The Ladies
Titles: Knight of Wildwood (both Sir Ak, And Sir Pentor). High Mumbler of the South. Keeper of the Crown of Kingsford. One half of the Blood stained Hurricane.
Real Name: Adam Davis

2003 Events Attended:

2005 Events Attended:
Winter War
Dur-Demarion Opener
Spring War
Avondale Seized!
Viking Homecoming

2006 Events Attended:
Kats game

2007 Events Attended:
Spring War
Dur-Demarion Opener

Sirak is of the Broken Mountain tribe (Mount Ontake, an active volcano)

In a great Battle between The Armies of Oleagan GroundShaker of The Eight peeks, And the Clan of the Sundered Spire. The Night Goblyns Called down the help of there gods. While fighting as a champion of his Unit, Gork and Mork Cast lightning from the sky to strike Mount Ontake. The Mountain crumbled under the massive strike, crushing the dwarven army and crippling the Clan of the sundered spire. After the Destruction of Mount Ontaka, the Sundered spire was renamed the Broken Mountain. It's Symbol the Mountain being ripped in half by a bolt of lightning.

Algik BloodSpear, Great Shaman of the Sundered spire had a magnificent vision of the unification of monsters to defeat all the pink skinned races. And therefore sent Si'rak away from the mountain, to seek out Izareth Voldranai ak ni Rered Naw, General of the Dead river. And his High Commander, Mordeth, Hero of the Night Goblyns, and Former Commander for Skarsnik of the Crooked Moon, Greatest of all Night Goblin Generals. Now Si'rak Serves Izareth and the Unification of the skrylls Under Commander Mordeth's leadership. Seeking endlessly to destroy the pink skinned menace, and wipe them from the face of the world.

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