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Race: Scotch-Irish American
Fighting sense: 1939
Favored Fighting Style: Skirmisher, Marine
Favored weapon systems: US Marine, Shaolin, Apache, Spartan, Mahoney Tech prototype weapon systems

Events attended:
2010-12 Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities

Back Story: Corporal Mahoney was, or will be, a marine in World War Two. While fighting behind enemy lines, cut off from his unit, Mahoney fled into a storage facility. This facility turned out to be a guise for one of Hitler's top secret operations! Corporal Mahoney snatched a German coat and tried to sneak closer to see what they were building in the high security area. He saw a sort of vehicle, and thinking it was his ticket home he hijacked it and fired it up, but once he gained speed he found time and space distorting. He had stolen Hitler's time machine! He crashed in Scotland in 1297 during the the Battle of Stirling Bridge, where he met William Wallace and learned to be a leader of medieval armies. He was given the name Simeown, to distinguish himself from another Mahoney who Wallace knew. Wallace was big into nicknames. After the death of Wallace Simeown traveled, and found himself parred up with Elboron, and helped to train the armies of Urbem Stygias.

Scribe's note: I understand that their are many questions yet to be answered! We do however know the answers, so the full story will be available upon request.

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