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Shepard fighting Dolan at Korriban Potluck March 2018
Shepard and Rumble, Phoenix Rising 2018

Full Name: Shepard of the Deep Waters, Daughter of Roh'en, Harbinger of Chaos and Sorrow.

Mundane name: ?????????

Race: Syren (formerly elf)

Realm: Anduril

House: House Valkyries

Titles: The Great Western Glow Witch

Bog Witch

Mama Aquathot

Began fighting: January 2016

Weapon set: Spear

Secondary weapon set: Archery, Flail and Board

Personal Information: Shepard hails from Southern California. When she's not stabbing people, she likes to do artsy things and write really complicated lore. She can sometimes be spotted travelling north or east for events.

Lore Shepard once belonged to a clan of dhalish elves that every once in a while entangled themselves in human engagements against monsters. She is an adventurer who sought to learn as much as she could of the world by traveling and living in it. In her travels, she mastered the ability to control light and became the first self-declared glow witch after killing the abomination once known as "Voss", summoned in a dark ritual during the Harvest. While crossing the ocean to continue her journey, her ship was capsized and she was flung into the deep waters. Before she drowned, mysterious figures brought her to their lair and offered her a second chance at life. She was returned to the world as a syren. Her patron fish is an angler fish, a nod to her control over light. She is faithful to the God of Chaos, Roh'en, and prays to the Lady of Sorrows, Senra.

Somehow, in her quest for the destruction of all life, she has become the father to several different belegrim and has also forced Rumble to be her wife for a dowry of 2 goats.

Events attended:
Battle for Blackwater 2018

Battle for the Ring (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019)

Battle for Andor (2016, 2017, 2018)

Phoenix Rising (2016, 2018, 2019)

Spring Finale (2016)

War of Wrath (2016, 2018)

Okfest (2016)

Harvest Massacre (2017)

TWald (2018)

Shepard with her favorite son, Phoenix Rising 2018
Korriban Potluck 2018
Shepard channeling her most pure bog witch form, War of Wrath 2018
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