Red Shepard o' Stygia

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Quick Facts

Events Attended

  • Miscon, Stygia Opener, Stygia Kill and Grill, Chaos Wars,highlands opener, frozen warriors, battle of bywater


Red the Gnoll wandered from his nameless homeland, through swamps and plains. The orphaned gnoll was a loner who never fit comfortably in his skin.

When he came across a band of mercenaries in the mountains of Stygia, his life began to take on new colors. Although the monstrous mercenaries were terrifying, Red felt that he might be home at last.

On a job one day, the Mountain Mercenaries became trapped in a deadly forest fire. Red raced to carry his friends to safety, but as the flames closed in around them, his fur caught on fire. Without hesitation, Red threw off his gnoll skin to reveal his true kobold self hidden beneath. With an affinity for fire, and free of his confining disguise, Red got all of the mercenaries to safety, and there was much rejoicing (yay).

While sitting around the campfire one night, Red toyed idly with the dancing flames. One of the other mercenaries broke the silence to ask Red how he had gained his fire affinity. Without a word, Red stood to tower over the mercenary. The mercenary cowered as Red opened his jaw wide, fearing that Red was going to eat him. But as the mercenary gaped into Red's gaping maw, he became entranced by the glow that emanated from inside of Red. Before the mercenary had time to ponder the glow, Red snapped his jaws shut again.

"I ate a man of fire," Red growled. The circle of mercenaries grew quiet again, and no more was said on the subject.

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