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Pommel: A knob on the hilt of a sword or similar weapon.

The pommel of a real sword.


Use and Purpose

The pommel serves as as a handstop, incidental padding for the hilt of a weapon, and the primary section where the weapon's class is marked. The class is indicated on the pommel using colored tape.


See Constructing a Pommel


From the Book of War
1.1.4 Pommel – Non-striking Surface that covers the end of the Handle.
1.2.1 Class 1 Weapons are marked with blue tape on either the pommel or handle.
1.2.2 Class 2 Weapons are marked with red tape on either the pommel or handle.
1.2.3 Class 3 Weapons are marked with green tape on either the pommel or handle.
1.3.4 The Weapon pommel must not readily pass through a 2” diameter hole.

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