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Closed-cell foam insulation designed to fit around plumbing pipes. This makes pipe insulation very useful as haft/incidental padding around PVC and other cores with standard, pipe-like diameters, such as bandpoles. Most pipe insulation is not terribly durable. While it will serve adequately as incidental padding, it will need replacement more often than blue foam would.

Pipe insulation most commonly comes in two thicknesses - 3/8" and 5/8". The thinner foam tends to be a dark charcoal grey, while the thicker foam is often a peach color. The 5/8" foam is a superior choice for polearms and other longer weapons, as it provides better padding closer to the blade, where the length and mass of the weapon necessitate better incidental padding for safety. Closer to the handle, and on shorter weapons, 3/8" foam is generally sufficient.

Pipe insulation is also commonly used to cover the hafts of javelins and to make dingleberries for flails.

Armaflex is also a form of pipe insulation, but is much more durable than traditional pipe foam.

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