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Full Name: Pipsqueak. But no one with half a brain calls her that anymore.
Fighting Since: 2013
Weapons of Choice: Sword and Board, Archery
Race: Kobold
Realm: Nomad
Unit: None
House: Blackwater
Apprentice to Warmaster Hakan

Events Attended
Harvest Massacre IV
Battle for the Ring IV
March of the Armored Penguins I
War of Silica Vale V
War of Wrath III: Siege of Sunspear
Harvest Massacre V: All Hallow's Eve
Battle for the Ring VII: Heroes vs Villians
March of the Armored Penguins II
War of Silica Vale VI
Phoenix Rising II
Armored Penguins Defroster
War of Wrath IV: The Kinslaying
Harvest Massacre VI: Monster Uprising
Battle for the Ring VIII: Civil War
March of the Armored Penguins III
Phoenix Rising III: Fool's Raid
Chaos Wars XX: Game of Souls

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