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Mordor was a Dagorhir chapter based in Loveland, Colorado. It was founded in 2001 by Shadow, Attila, Magot, and Crynolyn of the Dark Angels.

Mordor strongly encouraged evil characters befitting of their name, whether Human, Orc, Goblyn, Bugbear, Drow, etc. Normal battle days included mostly two team melees, kill your killer warm ups, and capture the flag/fort battles. They were observed to have fought with a Dark Angel style, involving lots of flanking and wrap shots. Shadow, Attila, Kato and Dkini can be thanked for that. Even though they have since moved on, you can still tell they left an impression.

The first winter was rough, with only 4 or 5 fighters showing up. But with Spring came new recruits. Mordor's record attendance was the 2010 Season Opener with 73 fighters on the field.

Many years Mordor volunteered with the Colorado Medieval Festival. Members helped with set up, tear down, security, ticket sales, and demos. In 2005 Mordor won the ribbon for best group there.

Weekly battles included members of a national unit, The Dark Angels, as well as many members of a local unit, The Army of Mordor.

Mordor became involved with several other foamfighting groups and eventually repurposed their Facebook group into a hub for these groups called Northern Front Range Foam Swordfighting. Though the the chapter itself isn't as it was, its members fight on in the groups of this coalition. One such group is The Mines of Moria, through which Mordor's Tolkein theme persists.

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