Melcaorme VIII

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When: May 14th-17th, 2009
Where: Ingawanis Boy Scout Camp, Waverly, IA
Cost: $11 (extra $1 will be donated to Belegarth)
Host: Nan Belegorn

Total Attendance: 94

First annual The Tourney (run by Ahki) was held on Saturday night and included amazing competitions such as:

  • the "Pose-off"
  • "Underhanded Florentining"
  • "Gorlock Impersonations"
  • "Best Pick-Up Lines"
  • "Double Javelins"

and of course...a Quarterstaff Tourney done Gladiator-style!

The fights went on with no real winner in sight until a mysterious man called Malibu surfed in, pink tank top and neon-green shorts blazing in the night. He dominated everyone, and even Sir Fox the champion underhanded florentiner, could not withstand his smooth and sandy fury in the end. Victorious, Malibu wished to stay and celebrate, but he sustained a powerful blow to face from his rival Nitro and left. Malibu still managed to inscribe his legacy into the winner's plaque before surfing away into the darkness. Who knows if Malibu will show his face in next year's edition of The Tourney? Come to Mel next year to find out!

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