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Sir Melannen Arqueno, The Exemplar

Mundane Name: David Shuler

Fighting Since: March 2006

Knighted: Octoberfest 2014

Former Vice President of Belegarth (2014-2016)

Unit: Amyr

Location: Dunharrow

Squired to: Sir Kyrian Hawksword - Knight of Numenor, Former President of Belegarth, Patron saint of Foam Fighting

Weapon of Choice: Fighting

Skills: Cooking, Sewing, Leather working, and foamsmithing.

Really wishes he could throw spin shots.

Traveled to the distant land of Tejas to a special concentration camp previously unknown to the world of Belegarth. There he was taught many forbidden techniques including many dark sciences and Amtgard black magic.


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