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Ameth at the North Quad


History, Fighting Practices, and Website


After much ground work that was laid down in 2005, the Lands of Ameth was officially conceived April 21st of 2007. It has quickly grown from its original members to a minimum of 20-25 people practicing twice a week in the fall and winter. It is a student based realm which explains the regular eb and flow of members during different times of the year.

In the Spring of 2008, the Lands of Ameth was granted speaking rights on the Belegarth War Council. They currently have a standing alliance with Dunland, an Indiana based Dagorhir realm.

Fighting Practices

Fall practices are currently being held every Sunday at 1:00 PM and every Thursday at 5:00 PM in the North Quad outside Booth Library's main entrance. If you are not a student or do not have a day pass parking is available at the Student Union where there are parking meters, otherwise parking is monitored by campus police until 5:00 PM. Non-members are welcome to join practices.

When the weather turns cold practices and events are hosted indoors at the Student Recreation Building.


The realm also has its own website and forums designed and maintained by Animus and Ventus. Both the forums and the website are valuable resources for more information about the realm.

Lands of Ameth website.

Also, there are many locals and students that have acknowledhed the realm in their own way. A member of the Daily Eastern News created the following slideshow....

- Thanks to Graham Milldrum

Articles in the Dailly Eastern News (University Paper)

- Thanks to Barbara Harrington/Staff Reporter

- Thanks to John Twork/Staff Reporter

Amethian Gallery

If you want to learnn some faces from the Lands of Ameth, our photo album would be a great place to start!

The albums are listed on the upper left corner of each account page! Enjoy!


The Lands of Ameth is a realm which sponsors practices on the Eastern Illinois University campus; We are a house, a guild, a family, and a conglomeration of like minded individuals who enjoy the sport. We encourage newcomers to try the sport and are overall very welcoming.

Helping each other is a huge part of who we are and one on one training is often practiced. Kindness, sincerity, honesty, patience, and eagerness are the key qualities that we appreciate in our fellow fighters.


Elindiel and Ventus


Elders are members whom have proven themselves to be responsible, knowledgeable, and dedicated to the sport. They also have have built their own set of weapons, and have at least attempted to sew their own garb. As Elders they carry various responsibilities within Ameth, such as helping those new to the sport or interested in joining, promoting the events often hosted by the realm, and generally maintaining the realm's well being. Elders are the governing body of Ameth and for the most part make decisions as a council on behalf of the entire realm, though all members have a say in the politics of the realm.

The current Elders: Animus, Cloral, Elebrim, Elindiel, Lynnie, Rogue, Tani, and Ventus.


Disciples are all members whom have been inducted into Ameth; this includes anyone who went through the induction ceremony and was presented with an Amethian sash, such as Elders.

Realm Members: Deithis, Harlow, Kayleb, Morkai, Wilhelm, Roki, Zaerim. Cinric, Doppleganger, Sage, and Umoric


Those who are seen at the field, but have not been innitiated.
Bard, Mabve, Shad, "technicolor peasent", and a few other unamed Amethians

Ameth Constitution

Ameth symbol

The Constitution of The Disciples of Ameth

The Coles County Fighting Alliance

As Adopted on October 15, 2007

Article I: Overview and Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote interest and physical participation in Belegarth, a nationwide sport that facilitates elements of medieval combat along with aspects of medieval studies of art and craftsmanship. This organization shall do so by providing a wide variety of programs and activities to help educate the students of the university as well as the surrounding community. While the main aspect of Belegarth is sport, this all inclusive group is dedicated to educate, offer socialization, as well as a healthy physical activity.

Article II: Membership Requirements

Section A: Membership

In order to become a member of the realm Ameth, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Must show up to at least one practice per week for four consecutive weeks.(1)
    • In this time, students/fighters/community members must procure their own set of garb that meets Belegarth standards.(2)
    • In this time, students/fighters/community members must also procure their own weaponry that meets the standards set by the Book of War.
  • By the time of induction, students/fighters/community members must also have a fighter name and a waiver signed.
  • All members MUST follow the rules and regulations of Eastern Illinois University while on campus. (3)

There are NO DUES necessary in order to become a member.

1)Once Membership is earned, the 50% attendance standard is no longer required.

2)Since this realm is a registered student organization and thus must comply with the rules and regulations set by Eastern Illinois University, Shirts and Shoes MUST be worn at all times.

3)Some of such rules include smoking in university regulated areas only, leaving no equipment, garb, or litter behind, and keeping all equipment within field confines during practices.

Section B: New Membership Benefits

Upon official induction into the realm via initiation ceremony, the new member will receive:

  • A sash that bears the symbol of realm in the colors of the new members choice
  • Voting rights during all planned and spontaneous meetings
  • Access to all weapon types
  • The ability to work towards Eldership (a member of the Executive Board)

Article III: Executive Positions as Defined by RSO

Section A: President

Shall preside at the Executive Committee and membership meetings and initiations; appoint special committees to handle events, RSO events, and other special occasions with the approval of the Executive Board (see Article V); perform other such duties as may be required by the by-laws or resolutions of the Executive Board (see Article V). All of which to commence under the RSO necessity, as the previous statements are verbatim from the “Eastern Illinois University Chapter of Belegarth” Registered Student Organization constitution ratified by the Student Life Office and Student Government Body. The President will also be responsible for maintaining the RSO section of the realm. These duties include maintaining the RSO constitution and by-laws, keeping contact with at least one advisor (a current employee of Eastern Illinois University), and scheduling reservations for campus facilities for practices, fighting events, and other such activities that are necessary for the continuation of realm practices. The president is also in charge of renewing RSO paperwork every year (at the start of the semester is preferable). The main function of the president is for RSO upkeep purposes and thus MUST be a student and realm Member. This for all purposes, the President is little more than a title for the necessity of the Registered Student Organization requirements and such has little to no power as a position within the Ameth executive body.

Section B: Vice-President

Shall preside in the President’s absence and perform other such duties as maybe required by the by-laws or resolutions of the Executive Committee. If anything happens that prevents the President from performing his/her duties, then the Vice-President will assume presidential duties and a new vice-president will be elected at that time by the Executive Board. As is the president, the main function of the vice-president is RSO upkeep purposes and thus MUST be a student and realm Member. For all purposes, the Vice President is little more than a title for the necessity of the Registered Student Organization requirements and such has little to no power as a position within the Ameth executive body.

Article IV: Presidential Requirements and Elections

Section A: Election Necessity

At the end of each academic year, a new president and vice president will be elected by the Executive Board IF the current president and/or the vice-president are no longer in the area, due to graduation or relocation, or are unable to perform the duties outlined in Article III sections A and B. The Executive Board has the ability to deem a current President or Vice President unfit for the position and motion to remove him/her upon 2/3rds vote. As such, elections are not necessary every year, but are encouraged. Under no normal circumstances shall a President or Vice- President shall reside for longer than FOUR years. The only exception to this rule is if there is no other member willing to fulfill the RSO duties appointed to these positions and even under such circumstances a re-election vote must occur at these four year intervals.

Section B: Eligibility and Process

To be eligible for candidacy, one must have first met all requirements for membership and hold a position on the Executive Board. After having these basic standards met, a candidate for president and vice president MUST request the position. No position will be appointed to a member without their consent. During the last week of classes (not finals week, apprx last week of April), elections will be held for the positions that require filling. Voting members will include current members of the realm and the Executive Board. Those candidates’ seniority and knowledge are proffered.

Article V: Standing Committee

Section A: Definition

The standing committee of the realm Ameth is identified as the Executive Board of Elders. This group consists of realm founders and those who have been appointed by pre-existing Elders. If ALL members of the Executive board leave the realm or resign, the realm members are responsible for delegating a new board of executive officers (odd numbered increments is advised). It is also recommended that there always be more than 2 Elders in the executive board at all times.

Section B: Duties of Executive Officers

The most basic responsibilities ascribed to the Executive Board, the Elders, are to maintain functionality of the realm, Ameth. The members of this committee are expected to consistently perform tasks in order to ensure the stability and growth of the realm through the university and the surrounding communities. Based on previous and current needs of the realm, the past and present elders have had the following responsibilities, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Make sure at least one elder is present at every practice
  • Clean up field after practice
  • Bring first aid materials to every practice
  • Care for the injured to the best of one’s ability, whether it requires simple bandages or a drive to a local professional facility
  • Be knowledgeable of the Book of War
  • Hold weapon checks every time a new weapon enters the field or when a weapon’s safety is questioned
  • Judge each member fairly regardless of relation, personal acquaintance, or sentiment and treat each member equally without bias.
  • Try to create a sense of inclusion and unity among all members, new fighters, and spectators
  • Provide assistance to new fighters by means of locating garb, making or purchasing weaponry, and teaching the preliminary basics for combat.
  • Organize and coordinate realm events.
  • Set a good example for others by following all regulations set forth by Eastern Illinois University, the Constitution of Ameth, and the Belegarth Book of War
  • Prepare realm members for national events
  • Publicize the realm throughout the university and surrounding communities
  • Maintain the Ameth website
  • Never stand down to individual who may jeopardize the status of the realm, the safety of others, or the reputation of the sport
  • Train and Instruct members who wish to become Elders without bias
  • Hold the RSO president and vice president accountable for their duties.
  • Hold elections for the RSO positions if and when necessary.
  • Carry out the initiations of new members when the need arises.

Section C: Requirements of Executive Officers

To become an executive officer, a member of the Elders, one must simply be dedicated to the sport and to the realm. The premise of an Elder is most simple put as; an individual who is self sufficient within most aspects the sport and acts as a catalyst for realm stability and growth. To be an Elder, one must-

  • Know the Book of War
  • Know and have previous experience in how to create and mend weaponry.
  • Know and have previous experience in how to commence weapon checking.
  • Know and have previous experience in how to herald.
  • Know sewing basics in order to manage garb production and mending.
  • Have helped hold an initiation ceremony, unless the situation has not presented itself between the time the member has started working towards Eldership and induction into the executive board of Elders.

However unnecessary, it is preferred that a candidate for induction into the Elders has

  • Been to an event outside of the realm.
  • Been to another realm.
  • Been in the sport for four months.

All of these requirements are set based on the most basic and general needs of the realm. The committee’s existence revolves around the sustentation and general well being of the realm. Candidates will be chosen upon their dependability and ability to produce results.

Section D: Requirements as Stated in the RSO Constitution

“Duties of each standing committee member include such items as supplying aid to those who express interest in the sport, keep a steady supply of gear to loan to those who may not be in possession of any, hold initiations for those who have met all of the requirements for membership, learn and memorize the rules of the Belegarth Battle Sport, incorporate every member to create a sense of inclusion, treat each other member and elder with kindness and fairness, and instruct and prepare other members to become Elders.”

Section E: Induction

Equal opportunity for induction is practiced in the realm of Ameth and as such each member who requests a position will be voted upon. A majority vote (over one-half) by the Elders of the current committee is necessary for a member to be inducted. Members who have fulfilled the requirements previously stated in sections C and D are the ones who will most likely be inducted.

Article VI: Meetings

Section A: Meeting Definition and Necessity

The Executive Board will decide when meetings will be held and will notify the realm in advance if their attendance is needed. As to avoid consuming designated practice time, all meetings will be held outside of practice. A date, time, and place will be designated by the Executive Board when a meeting time becomes a necessity. And while all students/fighters/community members are allowed to sit in during meetings, only Members and Elders hold voting rights. At each meeting, a scribe will be delegated and minutes and ballet tallies will be recorded for documentation of meeting proceedings.

Section B: Voting

All issues voted upon will be denied or accepted by a majority vote by realm members and Elders. For a vote to go through, there must be a majority (over 1/2) vote. Most issues voted upon will be done by Elders exclusively. However, the situation may present itself where inclusive realm members and elders vote simultaneously on pivotal issues such as the banning of a person. And for such pivotal issues, a 2/3rds vote is necessary for the issue to be finalized.

Section C: Bans and Sanctions

As stated in section B, from here on, bans will be voted upon by the Executive Board and the realm and must pass by 2/3rds vote. Grounds for a ban are such actions as verbal threats of physical harm, blatant disregard for Belegarth safety rules, and other verboten behaviors defined by standards I through V of the Student Conduct Code (which can be found in [ EIU's Student Conduct Code]). For legislative purposes, bans are defined as such; “to prohibit the physical presence of a person or persons from entering campus boundaries set by Eastern Illinois University”. Breaching of such ban will result in a verbal warning, the contact of the University Police Department, and Diana ZuHome of the Judicial Affairs Office of Eastern Illinois University. And under university policy, sanctions for NON-STUDENTS include, but are not limited to, restitution, fines, arrest with charges of trespassing on state property. Sanctions also differ from students to non-students. Any university student that is apart of the realm of Ameth is advised to look over the conduct code for student designated sanctions.

Section D: Quorum

For a vote to be called, there must be at least 3/4ths of the Executive Board present at the time the addressed issue is voted upon. Any lesser attendance at meetings, voting will not take place and another meeting will be scheduled until the proper attendance is met. The only exception to this rule is absentee ballets that are collected by both President and Vice President for absentee vote consistency.

Article VII: Amendments

Section A: Procedure

Amendments to the constitution must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board, the Elders, before they will be considered. Anyone may present an amendment whether they be member, Elder, or novice. However it is up to the Executive Board to vote upon said amendment or reject it. After submission, an amendment will be voted upon by the Executive Board and adopted upon a majority (over 1/2) vote.

Section B: Ratification

Amendments will be declared adopted after a majority vote by the Executive Board and after two weeks to allow for publication throughout the realm. After that time, the Amendment will be written into the Constitution of Ameth and the RSO Constitution of the Belegarth chapter at Eastern Illinois University.

Article VIII: By-Laws

In accordance to the By-Laws in the RSO Constitution of the Belegarth chapter at Eastern Illinois University, the by-laws for the Constitution of Ameth are as follows:

  • Abide by all campus rules while on the property of Eastern Illinois University
  • All equipment must stay within the confines of the designated fighting field.
  • All members will maintain a courteous attitude towards others on and off the field.
  • Failure to comply with the rules set by the governing council will result in a ban from the fighting field.
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