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Kiwri of Hellholt

Other Names: Kiwi, Nattwinged

Started Fighting: February 2015


VP of Hellholt in Merced

Fighting Styles: Sword and Board, Flo, Heralding, Spear


Herald of the Week: Battle for the Ring VIII
Best Herald: War of Wrath IV
Herald of the Week: Chaos Wars XX

Event Attendance:

National Events

Battle for the Ring VIII

Chaos Wars XX

Silica Vale VI, VII

Harvest Massacre VI

War of Wrath IV, V



"Herald er'ry day."


Kiwri heralding at BftRVIII where she won Herald of the Week.
Kiwri at War of Wrath 2016.
Kiwri and Hobbit prepare too lay on at Bftr 2017
Tournie Heralding at Bftr 2017
Sparring Arc Bftr 2017
Adorable at Silica Vale 2017
Being fierce at Silica Vale 2017
Belly Dancing Disney Princess theme at PR 2017
Dragon pair sighted at TBA 2017
Battling it out with Tesla at TBA 2017
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