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Sir Kael Prime the Methodical

Fighting Name: Sir Kael Prime

Mundane Name: Kael Prime

Started Fighting: August 8, 2010

Realm Started in: Fortriu(now known as Sunspear)

Current Realm: Sunspear

Fighting Style: Sword and Heater, Florentine and Red.

Current Units: Sith Empire, Currently the Supreme Leader.

Date Joined Current Unit: Joined 2011-2012, 2013-2019.

Former Unit: Grey Wardens. Started unit 2012. Commanding Warden. Disbanded late 2013.

Houses: The Silver Host

Race: Silverhelm Creator of the Silverhelms, the First helm.

Interesting Facts: Your info here. Fifth Knight of the Knight of the Western Flame. Knight by Sir Darth Cheeseheart the Defiant at War of Wrath 2017. Member of the Order of the Raised Goblet.

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